Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rick Snyder Passes the Buck

He was on Morning Joe, Friday morning and he is sure no Harry Truman. He and Joe are trying to tell us that there is 'more than enough blame to go around'-ie, Snyder himself is not particularly to blame.

Just like the financial crisis, Snyder is trying to blame 'government' on what happened in Flint. If you listened to Snyder's apology the other night it was your classic 'sorry not sorry' apology.

He said 'You're government failed you.' Not 'I failed you.' And so he's deflecting blame and trying to sell a GOP ideological message against 'government.' Then he called out the EPA that allowed the city to continue to use the bad water that Flint residents were drinking thanks to Snyder's own actions.

That's some chutzpah.

It will be interesting to see how much he's allowed to get away with this.

The decision to switch the city's water supply to save money was made by the emergency manager that was installed by Rick Snyder himself. So the people of Flint had basically had their vote taken from them.

Not only is he therefore directly responsible for what happened in Flint but he is even more culpable as his staff belittled complains from Flint.

"A top aide to Michigan’s governor referred to people raising questions about the quality of Flint’s water as an “anti-everything group.” Other critics were accused of turning complaints about water into a “political football.” And worrisome findings about lead by a concerned pediatrician were dismissed as “data,” in quotes."

"That view of how the administration of Gov. Rick Snyder initially dealt with the water crisis in the poverty-stricken, black-majority city of Flint emerged from 274 pages of emails, made public by the governor on Wednesday."

"The correspondence records mounting complaints by the public and elected officials, as well as growing irritation by state officials over the reluctance to accept their assurances."

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