Monday, January 25, 2016

Bernie Again Leaves out How the NRA Supported Him in 1990

When asked about this he first took a shot at Hillary for her stance in 2008. True, at the time she ran as being more pro gun than Obama. 

The politics of things do change over time admittedly. 

Even so, this was never about any particular vote she had taken. She still in 2005 had voted against George W. Bush' gift of a dream come true for the NRA in shielding manufacturers from legal liability while Bernie voted with W. 

He also left out where he voted against the Brady bill 4 times and how he still responds to every mass shooting by saying 'let's stop the shouting' while he shouts on issues that actually are important to him. 

And while he claims that supporting an assault weapons ban in 1988 cost him an election to Congress in Vermont, he leaves out the part where he won in 1990 thanks in part to opposing this ban while his GOP opponent supported it. For this reason the NRA went with the socialist over the GOPer. 

The fact is he has a very weak record on gun control and his talk of stopping the shouting doesn't give us much confidence that he can do what's needed to lead a coalition that finally does something about the epidemic of gun violence we have seen in recent years. 

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