Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Even Chris Cillizza Admits HRC Had a Great Night Last Night

Which is telling you something as biased and hateful as he is towards HRC. Yes, he did have to qualify it be claiming that the email thing will be a problem for her-which I don't agree.

The one thing Bernie said all Democrats agree about is we don't care about emails. But, no surprise, Cillizza has been obsessed with the phony email story for awhile.

Indeed, he has long been obsessively full of hatred towards HRC that dwarfs they way he speaks of any other politician I can think of.

And yet at the same time, Cillizza claims to be aghast at the partisan 'smallness of our politics.'

Kind of tells you everything you need to know about Krugman's Serious Centrists.

Overall, last night as I mentioned before

the crowd in Iowa last night treated Hillary differently. It clapped for the other two but with HRC it cheered in the way you would react if someone major is in your midst like, I don't know, a President. LOL.

We will see how things go but my guess is she helped herself last night. 

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