Sunday, January 31, 2016

More Proof They Don't Want You to Vote for Hillary Clinton

I talked about this meme-that I have to give credit to Melissa Harris-Perry starting yesterday.

It's in the shtick of the rapper DJ Khaled. They don't want you to eat breakfast. They don't want you to enjoy eating breakfast. Don't let them win. .

They don't want us to vote for Hillary Clinton.

1. Because she's the most electable Democrat.

2. She's the most effective Democrat.

3. They don't like the Democrats

4. They really don't like Hillary Clinton and a big part of why is she's a strong, ambitious, woman.

For years they've had it in for Hillary. Who is the they?

1. The GOP

2. The Beltway media

3. Emoprogs on the Left who wanted to primary Obama in 2012.

Do you know what the Emoprogs want? They want to feel pure. They believe 'the lesser of two evils is still evil'

In Maine they got their wish. Their purism has lead to Paul LaPage being elected twice.

LaPage is widely considered the worst GOP Governor in the Union-which is saying a lot.

The latest proof that they don't want Hillary to win, don't want us to vote for her tomorrow night in the Iowa Caucus is the media trying to beat the old dead horse of Hillary's emails-though there is nothing new.

Meanwhile, there has been radio silence in the media about the dirty tricks Bernie Sanders' team practicing with many union and activist organizations. The chicanery has not stopped with them stealing DNC data back in December.


"Senator Bernie Sanders has built his insurgent presidential bid around being Mr. Clean, but several outside groups are now accusing his campaign of playing dirty.

"Sanders’s campaign in Iowa has included League of Conservation Voters and AARP logos in recent mailers it’s sent to prospective caucusgoers, a subtle effort to tie himself to those groups, if not implying an endorsement. But neither group has backed him. The AARP, which represents retirees, does not endorse candidates, and the League of Conservation Voters, an environmental advocacy group, is supporting Sanders’s Democratic foe, Hillary Clinton."

"And now news has broken of what is potentially an even more bald-faced deception, in Nevada, where Sanders supporters have reportedly been posing as members of Las Vegas’s powerful Culinary Workers Union Local 226 to try to rally labor support ahead of the state’s Democratic caucuses on February 20."

"For a candidate who has boasted about not taking money from billionaires and never running a negative political ad in his life, the moves raise questions about the iconoclastic Vermont lawmaker’s campaign just days before the make-or-break Iowa caucuses."

"AARP’s Iowa chapter had to clarify publicly that it is not supporting Sanders after noticing that the campaign was distributing mailers that include a photo of AARP members wearing their red shirts with the slogan “Take a Stand.” That’s the name of the group’s campaign to raise the Social Security issue in the 2016 election and get candidates to present their plan to protect the retirement program. Newsweek obtained an image of the mailer, which touts Sanders’s record as a defender of Social Security."

“While we have encouraged the presidential candidates to lay out their plans to update Social Security, AARP did not authorize the Sanders campaign to mention AARP or use the AARP logo, and we did not participate in its production,” AARP Iowa said in a January 26 statement. “We have a proud 30-year history of non-partisan voter engagement, providing voters with information on where the candidates stand on issues important to our members and their families.”

"The organization did not contact the Sanders campaign about halting the mailing, according to spokeswoman Ann Black."

"The League of Conservation Voters, however, has contacted Sanders’s staff, objecting to their logo being used on another mailer, shared with Newsweek, which portrays the senator as an environmental champion. The pamphlet, which is being sent out in Iowa, notes that Sanders “has a lifetime score of 95 percent from the League of Conservation Voters” and displays the group’s logo beside it.

"However, the league requires permission to use its logo and only grants that to politicians who’ve been endorsed by the affiliated LCV Action Fund. In the presidential race, that’s Clinton. According to a spokesman, the group has asked the Sanders campaign to not continue using its logo, and the campaign is looking into how it happened. "

"The Sanders campaign could spin those as honest mistakes, but given how much thought campaigns put into their advertising and the messages they’re trying to convey, that requires some credulity. It will be harder to explain away how campaign supporters knowingly deceived hotel workers on the Las Vegas Strip to gain access to employee-only areas, as veteran Nevada politics scribe Jon Ralston is reporting."

I know, this will just be dismissed as ''small beer.' Yesterday, a Bernie Bro on Twitter tried to explain to me that with Bernie these groups are all now irrelevant. No need for unions with The Bern out and about. 

Talk about an illusion. 

Of course, the media isn't discussing this while flagging the tired email gag as: They don't' want us to vote for Hillary Clinton.  

Let's disappoint them again.

P.S. Imagine if it was the Clinton team engaging in these deceptive practices. 

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