Thursday, January 28, 2016

Susan Sarandon: the Fallacy of Saying Gender is not the Issue

Melissa McEwan calls out Sarandon's introducing Bernie last night

"Susan Sarandon intros Bernie in Mason City. "I'm here because gender is not what's important, the issues are what's important."

"A construction that separates "gender" from "the issues" is so infuriating I don't know where to begin."

This is something I've spoken of before. It is disconcerting how many women like Sarandon, Jill Abramson and others who argue that this is a 'post gender election'-which makes it sound like we've already had 4 female Presidents in a row or something.

McEwan points out that Hillary is not somehow 'inserting gender' into the real issues. Her gender is and remains a huge issue. It has been for the 24 years she's been in the public spotlight and before in

A few weeks ago Bernie claimed that we've made more progress on sexism than racism. I have no idea how he arrives at that conclusion.

By no manes have we ended racism but at least we've had a black President. And President Obama himself now says that HRC was the victim of sexism in the media on how she was covered.

I've argued that the Bernie Bros are the same Emoprogs who had it in for President Obama and were talking of primarying him back in 2012; a conversation that Bernie was part of we can add.

They often would dismiss talk of race guarding Obama's treatment just as they now dismiss gender with Hillary.

At the end of the day, they think that economics trump intersectional analysis-that there is economic inequality but race and gender are at most derivatives of that.

But it's quite disappointing to see women like Sarandon perpetuate this illusion.

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