Monday, January 25, 2016

Bernie May Have a 100 NARAL Rating but NARAL is not Impressed

I argued earlier that Bernie, while he flouted his NARAL voting record, still doesn't get it.

It seems like maybe me and NARAL share a brain as they aren't buying it either.

"NARAL Not Impressed With Sanders' Answer On Women's Rights."

"Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) tried to reassure female voters Monday night that he supports reproductive rights organizations like Planned Parenthood, and that he'd fight for them if he gets into the White House."

"Sanders listed pay equity, raising the minimum wage and expanding Social Security benefits as areas where his policies would benefit women."

"Kaylie Hanson, spokeswoman for NARAL Pro-Choice, said Sanders' response was inadequate. NARAL has endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination."

"Senator Sanders once again highlighted the difference between an ally and a champion," Hanson said. "When asked a direct question about why he would be the best candidate for women, he ignored the impending crisis that restricts access to abortion, and reinforced the artificial divide between reproductive freedom and economic freedom. Health care is an economic issue, and one that's fundamental to a woman's ability to succeed."

Hanson also dismissed Sanders' comments about how he has a 100 percent pro-choice voting record, saying, "His voting record is sufficient, but it doesn't make him a champion for women. That champion is Hillary."

It's a matter of priorities. No, Bernie is not like the House GOP who wants to destroy Planned Parenthood. But how passionate is he overall about protecting a woman's right to choose-that is under terrible assault?No matter what, you have to make priorities in the Oval Office. You only have so much political capital. Where do you spend it? Nothing makes us think that he will spend that much capital there.

Especially when you recall that he claimed a few weeks ago that there has been more progress on sexism than racism. 
I think Hillary touched on the overall problem for The Bern tonight when she made the distinction of economic inequality vs. other types. 
Bernie's blindspot is that he sees things like race but especially gender inequality as derivative to the main issue-economic inequality. 
This explains why while he does very well with white males, he is way behind with both people of color and women.

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