Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lilly Ledbetter Proves Ryan Cooper Wrong

Hillary hating extraordinaire Ryan Cooper thinks women shouldn't vote for Hillary just because she's a woman. 

"Of course, that does not change the fact that Clinton is facing real sexism, both from random Sanders fans on Twitter and from conservatives. What is so frustrating about the political discussion is that that's where it often stops, constantly lifting off from the concrete world of policy — how would either candidate improve the lives of hard-up Americans? — and into meta-discussions about which conversations among media elites have sexist or classist undertones. From there, add some purely personal resentments, and you've got a recipe for going around in an endless and unpleasant circle."

I don't know that 'this is where the conversation stops.' Often, I dont' see it start. The Bernie Bros mostly tell us this is a post gender age and it doesn't matter that HRC is a woman. Susan Sarandon did this the other night.

Beyond that Cooper is wrong to suggest that 'the only thing' HRC would do for women is give them a symbol-though this in itself would be very powerful.

This why Bernie's attempt to marginalize Hillary and the women's groups that support her as just the Establishment have rankled so much.

Both Planned Parenthood and HRC have been relentlessly targeted by the GOP with the aid and comfort of the Beltway media.

After 25 years, nothing seems to animate the Beltway-folks like Chris Cillizza, Maureen Dowd, etc-than throwing spitballs at Hillary Clinton.

Right now there is an attempt to push the email story-The Government now calls 22 emails top secret!-in the clear attempt to somehow tip the Iowa Caucus Bernie's way.

Meanwhile no mention of Bernie's own problems-how his campaign has repeatedly gone over the line in their campaign tactics.

No one on cable news mentions these stories though.

I still remember the night that HRC first was introduced to America with Bill on ABC News. She was right away excoriated for allegedly making fun of Tammy Wynette. This was pure gender politics-her was an uppity woman putting down the real women of America who aren't 'radical harpies.'

Even now we have the Very Serious Pundits telling us that Bill's affairs are 'fair game' in considering Hillary. Cooper seems to think that Hillary retreated behind phony sexism in 2008 but now even her opponent, President Obama agrees she was often the victim of genuine sexism.

Like typical Bernie Bros, Cooper's only answer is that her gender doesn''t matter 'just her policies' as if women's issues aren't about policies.

He suggests that she won't do right by women policy wise. She will somehow hold down their wages despite her comprehensive plan to both increase wages across the board and to achieve gender equality in wages.

Her vow to fight for PP is exactly what is needed by women, particularly poor women and women of color. A major part of poor women's healthcare comes through PP.

Lilly Ledbetter evidently isn't heeding Ryan Cooper.

Hillary Clinton won the endorsement Friday of the woman behind federal legislation making it easier for women to challenge their employers over unequal pay.

Lilly Ledbetter, namesake of the first law President Obama signed in 2009, said Clinton is a "fierce and uncompromising champion for women, for basic fairness, and for opportunity for everyone."

Let me guess: Lilly Ledbetter is part of the Establishment Bernie is taking on.

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