Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hillary Wins African-American Iowa Straw Poll In a Landslide

The results were not even close.

Meanwhile, Charles Blow has had it with condescending with Bernie's condescending white supporters.

Don't come into my mentions with your condescension. I'm coming for knees like Tonya Harding... #NotToday"

"Stop telling blks how to feel/insinuating they r not knowledgable enuf to make informed choices! So condescending!!! "

This response only got 215 RTs and 323 favorites. 

The Bernie folks would do better to just stop proselytizing. 

Blow also hasn't seen too many black folks for Bernie in Iowa. 

"I've been talking to blk ppl here for days and haven't found a single person, millennial or not, who chose Bernie ."

Anyway, the Bernie team is right to worry that his fans lose more people than they gain with their tactics.

Just remember Hillary fans: They don't want you to vote for her. That's why the Beltway press is talking so much about the emails this weekend while not mentioning Bernie's team using deceptive practices with unions and other activist organizations.

Tomorrow those of you in Iowa or with friends and family in Iowa can start to throw some mud in their eyes. 

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