Monday, January 25, 2016

Iowa Town Hall Cheers Hillary as if She's Already President

It's just different. You know Bernie's performance was fine but when you listen to her you see the difference.

As a protest candidate Bernie is doing a good job. Putting the issues of campaign finance reform and economic inequality on the Dems' front burner is all for the good.

But can you see him as a President who as President Obama says requires you to walk and chew gum at the same time? Someone who has to deal not just with a few issues that they may feel strongly about but many, many issues, he's just not plausible.

He's too much of a ideological hedgehog to imagine him doing that.

Hillary on the other hand, half the time it felt like she was already President. And the crowd was cheering for her like it was a convention.

Again, as she went last, you can see the difference between the crowd's reaction to her vs. Bernie and then O'Malley.

Even some young Bernie supporter that tried to make her look bad early in the night by asking why nobody likes or trusts her; he basically threw it at her head yet she hit it out of the part.

"So, that questioner who asked Clinton why she’s so dishonest and disliked is actually a Sanders supporter."

"Here's a piece from December announcing his backing of the Vermont senator."

But she turned it around and even the kid-who pretended to just be 'leaning' Bernie's way had to smile and laugh-so as not to look like a total jerk. 
Which makes a point: the Bernie supporters so often do their candidate no favors with their snark. 
Josh Marshall's reaction:
"If you're watching this Democratic townhall and this question to Hillary about enthusiasm and honesty, at first I thought she was going to bobble it. But, man, she brought it."
She brought it all night. I thought she made a great point on inequality-that economic inequality is just one type of it. 
This goes to Bernie's trouble with identity politics.
We'll see what impact tonight had, but judging by the audience reaction, they seemed to be eating out of her hand. 

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