Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Stalinism of the Bernie Bros

I say Stalinism advisedly-it's a serious charge. But this is the formal nature of the Bernie movement. It's Stalnist logic. If you criticize Bernie in any way, you are the toll of some all powerful oligarchy. Full stop.

When Bernie is asked how he's going to get all these big plans of his done he claims he's going to launch a political revolution. So in other words the world will be run by snarky, Bernie Bros?

Now there's a dictatorship that isn't pretty.

As I've said previously, I know fully well who the Bernie Bros are. They are the Emoprogs who used to hang out at Firedoglate and used to attack President Obama in the most visceral terms imaginable. Just like with HRC they dismiss you when you point out the sexist nature of much of her criticism they would snigger when talking of Obama 'I'm sure this makes us racist.'

I remember one who commented that there won't be another black President for a long time after how bad POTUS allegedly was.

But the Stalnism was the way you had to agree with them on one thing: Obama was just the worst human being in the world to ever walk the earth. 'He is pure evil' you would hear in wild comments.

So once they heard you actually like and support Obama you were dead to them. When I told them I like Obama they accused me of being some fat cat member of the 1 percent and maybe a DNC operative. Now being a DNC 'operative' actually sounds kind of cool-oh but if only that were so. If the DNC hired me as an 'operative' you can bet I''d be on board.

But I was hardly part of any 1 percent. I was a guy who actually had been out of work and at the time had been living in my parent's basement for 3 years. It would be another 3 until I finally got out. Yet they tried to marginalize me as part of the 1 percent.

So this Bernie movement is all about them. For them to take over our party would be a nightmare.

Here they use the same tactics. If anyone supports HRC or agrees with her in any way, or in any way takes issue with The Bern, then you are obviously a paid lobbyist of the Oligarchs or some such fantastical thing.

Now they are going after the Charles Gaba.

"So Charles Gaba, whose excellent site ACA Signups has been a huge secret resource for those of us covering health reform, is getting theBernie Bro treatment. Never mind his long service to the cause of covering the uninsured (and his declaration that he’ll support either candidate in the general): his carefully laid-out explanation of his support for Hillary Clinton’s incremental approach means that he’s a corrupt tool of the oligarchy."

Actually when you read how this went down, it's very funny.

"Over the past 2 1/2 years, NY Times columnist, Princeton Economics Professor and Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman has cited my work a number of times, for which I am eternally flattered. However, I'm pretty sure I've never really cited his writing otherwise (perhaps I have and don't recall)."

"Today, however, I'm doing so in response to the trashing I received from a certain subset of commenters over at Daily Kos to my posts "On healthcare, I have to side with Hillary" and "OK, you asked for it, what about HILLARY's healthcare plans?"

"When I cross-posted my honest opinion about Bernie Sanders's "Single Payer Now!!" healthcare plan overhaul vs. Hillary Clinton's "Improve the ACA but Stay the Course" incrementalism, I received praise from those who agreed with me, which was appreciated. I also received honest disagreement from some who brought up points I hadn't considered, or where we simply had to agree to disagree...respectfully."

"And then there were these:

"It’s pretty easy for him in his seat of comfort and privilege to ignore the millions of Americans without health care that need help yesterday. He’s got his, he can wait as long as he wants for changes that might get those people covered and he is specifically advocating that it should take a really long time, time that so so many DO NOT HAVE."

"That’s why I simply don’t believe it when he claims to be or have been on the fence. I think he’s always been a Clinton supporter and is only saying that he’s on the fence as a way to try to gin up credibility with Sanders supporters so the concern trolling will be more effective. And make no mistake, that’s exactly what I see this diary as: a Clinton support concern trolling the Sanders campaign over healthcare."

"What sucks is that I used to like reading the diarist’s work and he was credible to me. Now? Not so much."

It's very interesting. Gaba was credible to him on Daily KOS for years. And now because he takes HRC's side on the healthcare debate he's discovered that he is a terrible person who probably beats his children.

You might think that if Gaba was seen as credible at KOS for years that when he comes out with a different take it might be treated with a little respect at least. Hear him out, I don't know give him the benefit of the doubt-but no. He's just someone reveling in his 'seat of privilege.'

Others accuse him of being a paid shill-maybe he works for the drug companies!

I’m actually embarrassed that so many Democrats are just okie-dokie with so many millions suffering. Sickening.

"Since it was a keynote speech and they provided transportation, I can only presume that it was a paid performance. Then you assure us that you have learned the entire alphabet and several three and four letter combinations. Congratulations on your achievement. Evidently that confirms to me that you are a literate shill of the insurance companies."

"You’re not a shill, but you are an industry insider whose own personal and professional identity is wedded to incremental reform to such an extent that your pronouncements in favor of it are neither surprising nor illuminating."

"He’s a self-made (and accredited) ACA expert who analyzes ACA in great detail, runs a for-profit website promoting ACA’s operation and benefits and makes paid appearances to explain and promote ACA."

"He is a paid ACA expert and advocate. He’s intimately familiar with its intricacies and gains professionally from detailing them. And now he states he wants that system to continue as is, or maybe get more intricate and expand slowly and profitably? That is not surprising."

"...and so forth. Apparently there are those who honestly think that I'd rather see 30 million people suffer and die rather than give up the "gravy train" I'm supposedly riding with this cash cow."

"I should reiterate that Daily Kos where I started the ACA Signups project in the first place, and where I've been an active member for over 12 years now."

"Throughout the dark days of the 2013-2014 Open Enrollment Period, I was given high praise for my work with the ACA much so that when Markos Moulitsas, founder of dKos, held a fundraiser to thank me for my efforts, the response was overwhelming. I will always be incredibly grateful for the dKos membership's support. For two years, I was considered a trusted voice of reason and accuracy about Obamacare and related healthcare/health insurance matters in the middle of a sea of bullshit spewed by the likes of FOX News, Breitbart, the Daily Caller, the Daily Signal, Avik Roy, Scott Gottlieb, NewsMax and so forth."

"Then, last week, I stated that after having given the matter much thought and consideration, I've come to the reluctant decision that in spite of my ideal preference for single payer, given the political climate and the realities of how the healthcare industry works in the United States, along with genuine concerns about Sanders's plan and Hillary Clinton's prior attempts to push for universal healthcare in different ways, I've decided that her less-sexy, incremental approach to improving healthcare coverage and quality, as clunky and piecemeal as it may be, is the better way to go at this time than Sanders's "revolutionary" proposals...but also pointed out that the ACA itself paves the way for single payer (at least at the state level) IF the voters really do feel strongly enough about it."

"...and suddenly I'm being called a "shill of the insurance companies", a "concern troll", "sitting in my seat of comfort and privilege" while being "okie-dokie with so many millions suffering." In fact, I'm apparently "sickening."

This is why while I don't think there will be any Bernie political revolution if it were that would itself e a pretty awful thing. Listening to them, makes it clear how Stalnism happen.

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