Friday, January 29, 2016

Why Bernie Can't Win the Obama Coalition

Well it starts from the fact that the OC probably listens to Obama and he's made his choice pretty clear.

A lot was said about HRC hugging him in the debates but he then came out and hugged her right back.

Beyond that, the trouble for Bernie is that he's trying to build a coalition when we already have one.

It kind of reminds you of his health care plans. We already have achievements but he wants to tear them down and start over.

It's like I'm driving from NY to Albuquerque and realize I would have been better off starting off on the I-495 than the Southern State and so I go back-when I'm already in South Carolina.

Propane Jane puts it well.

It's not rocket science, folks. Stop trying to build a new coalition when you already have one that works and wins the White House."

Bernie's coalition he's trying to build is heavy on white liberals. The same folks who wanted to primary Obama in 2012-that had Bernie's ear at the time.

While the white liberals love Bernie, he has made no inroads with AAs. Latinos, and women-which is the heart of the Obama Coalition.

Propane Jane makes a great point. The real barrier to 'socialism' is race. Why else do we have it in Europe?

Jamil Smith makes another great point.

Bernie keeps talking about how black folks will support him once they are introduced to him. When will that be exactly? He has been running since April.

In SC, he trails 64-27 and 74-17 among AAs. He's also shockingly down by 23 points to women there.
SC votes on Feb 28. Until NH voting on Feb 8 he will have no time to focus there. He hopes to make up a 60 point deficit in 20 days?

Beyond this, women and POC, I think you could argue, would be well served to stay with Hillary for another reason: if Bernie is getting white males to listen to him then women and POC can be the kingmakers in this primary.

They get to veto the Bernie Bros. Then in a Hillary Clinton Administration in 2017, she will owe more to women and POC than the Dem party even has in the past. It will even more become their party.

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