Monday, January 25, 2016

Bernie the Choice of White Males Everywhere

With the race between Hillary and Bernie we are seeing that race matters and so does gender.

At the recent Black and Brown Forum, Bernie had said he thinks that sexism is a thing of the past compared with racism.

This is false. Race matters but so does gender. We are certainly seeing this in the polls.

Take a state like South Carolina. What is notable is that while HRC  leads Bernie 60-38, among African-Americans the lead is 74-17.

Here is something that is less discussed but just as striking. Despite trailing by 22, Bernie leads among South Carolina's men by a point while trailing by 23 among women.

How do you explain this gap? I think the answer is clear if you try even broaching the subject with Bernie supporters. Right away they become very dismissive. Check the comments in this post here about Ta-Neshi Coates.

You get white liberals wondering when black folks are going to come to their senses and realize that Bernie is their great white savior.

And I think that the reason for Bernie's weak showing among AAs can be shown in part by listening to his own supporters. In their mind, race is mostly an issue that can be death with by dealing with economic inequality.

They-like he-see the conversation about 'identity politics' as a distraction.

I think this is doubly true about gender-which Bernie speaks much less about than even race and which his supporters are even more dismissive about. Of course, the fact that she is herself a woman only makes them even more dismissive.

In their mind surely HRC does so well with women by as Maureen Dowd always accuses her, 'exploiting her gender.'

Of course, you are also marginalizing all the women who support HRC and saying that they are voting purely for gender.

Could it be that Hillary's stand on women's issues, certainly on choice is much stronger and that she just gets it in a way that Bernie doesn't even if he has a great rating with NARAL?

If you read this piece, it's interesting to see who is defending Bernie on the criticism by PP: an anti choice theologian.

What if we went the other way and suggested that the huge gender gap is not because women would just vote for any woman regardless of views or qualifications but maybe that many will vote for any man regardless of the same?

In any case, the battle lines couldn't be more clear: Bernie's support is from white males, Hillary from people of color and women.

The reason for this might be about more than simply the stupidity of women and people of color in not seeing that the the Great White Prophet will save them. 


  1. O/T: Mike, have you heard of the mosquito born Zika virus ravishing central and South America? It seems it causes babies to be born with small heads. There's pressure now to allow abortions in some of these countries where it's currently illegal. The say likely only Canada and Chili will be spared. It'll be interesting to see how the anti-abortion political movement in the US does in the face of a generation of pin heads. And it looks like CPI may be linked to CLF... so it probably has implications there as well.

  2. Knowing them I wouldn't be shocked by anything they might say here. 'Murder is murder', etc.

    1. Actually, the GOP might be excited at the prospect of having a whole generation of pin heads: it would increase the size of their future voter base.