Monday, January 25, 2016

Yes Bernie We Know You Have a 100 NARAL Rating but You Don't Get it

He was asked by a female Hillary supporter and he qualified his dismissing Planned Parenthood as being the Establishment by playing the divide and conquer game.

You know PP is great but he suggests that PP's leadership may have forced the rank and file to support Hillary-as no one would do this with real choice.

After all, he reasons, he has a 100 NARAL rating. But NARAL wasn't too happy with his jibe at PP or 'the leadership' either.

First of all, Bernie, just so you know, Hillary also has a NARAL rating. And she does more than just have a great rating, she's also written great bills in support of a women's right to choose; and remember, the fight over PP is not just over abortion rights either as important as this is but women's healthcare, particularly for low income women.

The real question this gets to is a matter of priorities. We know what Bernie prioritizes-campaign finance, campaign finance, and campaign finance.

It's an important issue I agree. When Hillary gets in office she will be able to put in some better SJC Justices and we will at some point be able to overturn Citizen's United.

But you only have so much political capital. Bernie talks about some issues but others-gun control, women's choice-gets shorter thrift.

So it's reasonable to imagine that there would be less capital spent on it than the issue of money in politics, etc.

Hillary on the other hand has made this a major priority. Which it has to be as a woman's right to choose is under attack across the country.

It gets back to the point of 'identity politics' regarding gender, race, etc. For Bernie every hammer is a nail and these other priorities get shorter thrift. This explains why he trails a great deal among both women and people of color.

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