Thursday, November 26, 2015

Why Do 81% of Americans Think There Will be Another Terrorist Attack?

Could it be because the media and so many public officials-like even the NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton, who I like-always says We're going to be hit again. It's not if, it's when?

I mean why should the numbers be surprising when the media keeps telling Americans they're going to be hit?

Talk about self-fulfilling prophecies.

There are even pieces like this that as Why haven't we been hit yet?

Yet pundits keep showing the polls that show that most Americans think we're going to be hit again and express surprise. Sure, you've been telling them this fir 14 years.

Next thing we here, is it's all the President's fault. He isn't making Americans feel safe. They don't believe in his ISIS policies.

By the way, it's worth stepping back and admitting that In fact the narrative after 9/11 was wrong. We were told by the Bush Administration which was repeated everywhere else that we would be hit by al Qaeda again, it's just a question of when. That turned out not to be correct-and al Qaeda has been now significantly weakened.

Then we get people like Morning Joe Scarborough who repeatedly lies every morning about what the President has said He says Obama is claiming that ISIS can't attack us in America. He never said it's impossible. He just didn't play the game of guaranteeing we would be.

MJ consistently misses the President's point. It's not that ISIS isn't dangerous but you don't want to elevate him.

But what is missed is that the chance that ISIS actually does an attack in the US is not so likely. There is a difference between doing it themselves and inspiring a lone wolf attack. If there is an attack that will probably be its guise.

A lot has changed since 9/11. Thanks to social media, Jihadists can also outsource their terror operations.

At the end of the day, the point of terrorism it to terrorize. The media should stop indulging it. 

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