Monday, November 30, 2015

Hillary Clinton Unveils $275 Billion Dollar Infrastructure Plan

This is on top of her plan to cut the taxes of many of the nonrich.

"Clinton is rolling up endorsements from big-city mayors. And that was before she unveiled her $275 billion infrastructure plan.
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Standing in front of a cheering crowd of 800 construction trade union members and supporters inside Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall with Mayor Marty Walsh by her side, Hillary Clinton turned Sunday to a subject that she hasn’t devoted much time to on the campaign trail: pothole politics.

At an event billed as “Hard Hats for Hillary,” Clinton unveiled a $275 billion infrastructure proposal to fix highways, trains, airports, aging sewer systems and the country’s frayed electrical grid.

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Hillary's rollout is good politics as well as good policy.

"For Clinton, the event presented an opportunity to roll out her jobs and five-year infrastructure plan, which includes creating an infrastructure bank, funded by $25 billion in federal dollars. But Clinton also managed to underscore her strength in one of the party's bedrock constituencies – the traditional big-city Democratic stronghold.

"Her campaign has been assiduously collecting big-city mayors from across the country in a show of muscle that Clinton hopes can help block any challenge from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on the left. Nearly all of the Democratic mayors of the 10 most populous cities in the nation have publicly endorsed her; last month, the campaign unveiled an endorsement list of 85 mayors from across the nation, including leading progressives like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio."

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She also has a very important proposal for updating regulations and labor laws to the Uber economy. Her plan impressed me as being really forward thinking. Sure, the important thing is to raise wages-but how do you get it done.

One issue has been the minimum wage. Bernie argues he's the 'true progressive' because he wants a $15 MW and she has called for $12. This ignores that there is no ability to get either so long as we have the GOP House.

Many economists argue that while it's a positive thing to have a $15 MW in certain cities and regions, it might be est to see how it works at the local level first.

The cost of living also varies greatly from locality to locality.

And then when you look at it, you see Bernie hedges as well by saying we should get to $15 gradually. Well, with Hillary too we'd get there at some point. That's just it will always be gradual.

But her plans for the Uber economy look at other ways besides just the MW raise wages-while it's an important lever, it's not the only one.

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