Sunday, November 29, 2015

The NH Leader Endorses Christie; So What?

The Very Serious Pundits are falling all over themselves now in delight-The NH Leader endorses Christie!

This could be a game changer they exclaim. Well anything could be a game changer. By why would this endorsement in particular change everything?

You'd have to believe that the NH Republican primary voters tend to vote in lockstep with whoever the NH Leader endorses.

So who did they endorse in 2012? Newt Gingrich. Yes, that sure was a game changer. I mean let's be honest here. Was there any chance that they would endorse Trump, who is leading NH polls by over 14 points according to the Real Clear Politics average?

Of course not. You knew they'd choose an establishment candidate. That they chose Christie over Rubio might be a mild surprise though not an earth shattering one. Christie is polling at 5.3 in NH compared to Rubio's 12.5.

So what is this hoopla really about? Simple-the Serious Pundits have taken it upon themselves to take Trump down. They now believe that they have to save our democracy by doing anything they can to take down his numbers.

It offends them when they accuse him of lying or being racist and yet his numbers don't tank, or even rise.

Please note that they are not nearly so offended by lying or racism, just that when they call someone this it should matter.

Meanwhile, speaking of Christie, the attack on Planned Parenthood by anti abortion fanatic Richard Dear is embarrassing for the entire GOP field which is why so few of them have said much of anything about it.

To even admit that Dear, while maybe mentally ill-to talk about mental illness in this way is quite banal; for who that does something like this would you like to declare them mentally healthy?-was motivated by hatred of abortion-and evidently the doctored tapes about PP is to admit that there is something wrong with calling those who believe in a woman's right to choose baby killers.

But Christie has a further problem. He is now pretending he didn't enter politics in the early 90s as an advocate for sensible gun control.

You wonder if the media can take a moment from fact checking Muslim tailgate parties in 2001 to noticing this. But of course, this is a respectable lie the media has no trouble abiding.

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