Saturday, November 28, 2015

On the Latest Colorado Shooting

You hate to put it that way but during our gun epidemic we've many mass shootings in Colorado and of course, the first such shooting that really brought this to national attention was Columbine.

It seems that for her to even say the words 'Planned Parenthood' is exploitation in this context. A bunch of Right wing trolls on Twitter feel she should stand with the other businesses in the area-that were;n't the target. 

With ISIS, Democrats are wrong not to say 'Islamic terrorism' but here she's wrong for saying Planned Parenthood. 

But of course, this is what makes this mass shooting different. It's targeting of PP. In the minds of Republicans you're not allowed to do anything about PP but spit. Gee, could this maybe be exactly how the killer felt?

And of course, what happened to PP is an ongoing war on a woman's right to choose, where many red states have basically ended it-as there are very few places a woman can get an abortion in the state. And all PP clinics and all doctors and facilities that offer abortion services are under the constant threat of what happened yesterday. 

Whenever there is another mass shooting we are told we can blame anything but guns. But this will provoke and even more virulent reaction on the Right. There is such hatred of woman's right to choose. 

In this case, the Right doesn't even want to acknowledge what happened. Not one of the 14 GOP candidates have even commented on what happened. Rubio was saying 'Gee, just stay warm and buy some of my wonderful merchandise.'

UPDATE: Meanwhile, I notice that a lot of the media is pretending we don't know the motive of the 57 year old male gunman. I'm sure the choice of PP was just a little coinkidink. 

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