Saturday, November 28, 2015

Prolife Activism and Hate Speech

First of all, can the media stop saying we don't know the motive? The motive couldn't be more obvious. Those who work at facilities that offer abortion services are under constant threat of attack.

But somehow here it's 'politicizing a tragedy' even to admit that this targeting of Planned Parenthood was no happy accident.

"Anti-abortion videos inspired recent spike in threats, arson against Planned Parenthood and may have led to fatal shooting in Colorado Springs: pro-choice activists"

My use of the phrase 'happy accident'', alas, is no accident as aren't prolife folks happy today?

This is an uncomfortable truth of the prolife position. It was very smart framing in the early 80s when anitabortion activists started calling themselves 'prolife.' It immediately puts those who support a woman's right to choose on the defensive as being against life. 

But isn't the very phrase 'prolife' in a sense an incitement to violence and indeed murder at abortion clinics?

After all, if you really believe that this is murder then how do you say it's wrong to try to stop them by any means necessary? 

Taking this logic to its logical conclusion then you end up where Robert Lewis, last night's Planned Parenthood killer stood. In hims mind he probably thinks he's defending life not taking it. 

Of fighting a murderous practice sanctioned by a cold, amoral, secular humanist, socialist government. 

What I'm saying here is intended to be controversial. That the very phrase prolife is an incitement to violence and murder. 

We have the comments of Ben Carson that liken abortion to slavery. This puts a Robert Lewis in the same camp as John Brown, the radical abolitionist who was willing to engage in terrorist violence to free the slaves.

Calling themselves prolife is the brilliant strategy that abortion opponents have demonized their opponents into literal murderers. 

Yesterday, is an example of what this has reaped. 

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