Sunday, November 29, 2015

What the Very Serious Marco Rubio Has Said About Colorado Springs Shooting

The answer is a whole lot of nothing. He tweeted to followers to stay warm and buy his crappy merchandise Friday night.

We played the game yesterday about Gee, I wonder what could have propelled a man in his 50s to storm Planned Parenthood. It's too hard, we may never guess his true motivations. 

Now though the political motivations are becoming impossible to ignore-though some news organizations still are playing coy.

"Robert Lewis Dear allegedly killed three people and injured 9 others yesterday at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In the hours after the shooting little was known about Dear or his motivations."

"Saturday evening, those motivations began to come into focus. NBC News and the Washington Post reported that, after the shooting, Dear told law enforcement officials “no more baby parts.”

"The phrase clearly references a series of videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, an anti-abortion advocacy group. The videos alleged that Planned Parenthood was illegally selling body parts from fetuses for profit. These allegations were untrue and the videos relied ondeceptive editing."

"Still, the videos have become a rallying cry for the right, including the Republican presidential candidates. In August, Marco Rubio said, “what’s happening at Planned Parenthood, what’s being revealed in these videos, is atrocious, it’s grotesque, it’s barbaric.” Rubio later accused Planned Parenthood of pushing women into getting abortions “so that those tissues can be harvested and sold for a profit.” He told TMZ that people should be more “fired up” about the Planned Parenthood video."

"Speaking on the Senate floor in September Ted Cruz declared that “we are now a nation that harvests the body parts of little baby boys and girls. It is the very definition of inhumanity to treat children like agriculture, to be grown and killed for their body parts, to be sold for profit.”

"NBC News cautions that Dear’s motivations could be multifaceted and the alleged shooter “also mentioned President Barack Obama in statements.”

Oh c'mon. I mean, it is to laugh. Multifaceted because he mentioned President Obama? Right it's impossible to be an anti abortion zealot and hate President Obama at the same time.
It's not surprising that Rubio has nothing to say as he has said so much to fan the flames on the phony video. 
But then this is a guy who magnanimously is willing to sign either anti abortion legislation that carries exceptions for rape and incest or anti abortion legislation that doesn't make these exceptions. 
Nothing extremist about that. 
Contrast this to Trump that the media is frantically telling us has no chance to do anything. Hes over will because the media says so. Well, at least he admits that PP provides other services than abortions. 
He also clearly believes in exceptions to rape, and incest. If anything, you suspect that hes even more liberal on abortion but is editing his view here. 
No one can ever go broke overestimating the Serious Pundits penchant for priggish hypocrisy. 
The same media that made a reporter apologize for expressing sympathy with the Syrian refugees, is outraged about Trump's database. 
You've got to divide respectable Islamophobia-like passing an anti refugee law-from the dangerous, unacceptable kind. 


  1. Mike, I found this article summarizing what the GOP candidates have had to say about the shooting. Here's the bit about what Trump said:

    "Real estate mogul Donald Trump, front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, said that investigators haven't confirmed a motive for Friday's shooting, although the suspect is reported to have had mental health problems. There's a lot of "anxiety and dislike'' for Planned Parenthood at campaign rallies, Trump added in an interview on NBC."

    Is that accurate?

    1. To his credit, Carson says it's a case of "domestic terrorism" (as does Huckabee), and he went on to imply that "hateful rhetoric" by some on this issue may have contributed to the tragedy.

      Of course Fiorina is having none of that.

    2. Here's the bit describing what Carson said:

      "No question the hateful rhetoric exacerbates the situation. And we should be doing all we can to engage in intelligent, civil discussion about our differences. That's how we solve problems. We don't ever solve them with hateful rhetoric," said Carson, a retired neurosurgeon.

      "Hateful rhetoric and terrorist-type activities are horrible, no matter from where they emanate. And we should all condemn them at all times,'' Carson said on NBC News' "Meet the Press.'' "Let's stop trying to destroy each other.''

  2. Sure, I saw Trump say this in the morning. But what I said about Rubio in this piece is also accurate as well as my point that the media has really soft pedaled what happened here.

    Josh Marshall if you read my piece about him feels similarly.

    The GOP candidates were very slow to say anything and none admit the simple truth. This was anti abortion terrorism

  3. Alex Witt on her MSNBC show this morning said nothing about the attack at all.

    Therre's just a different treatment about abortion. To criticize it is to take sides.

    1. That is weird. Although you're a dedicated viewer to be watching Alex Witt on a Sunday morning. ;^)

    2. To not mention it at all contributes the overall narrative that the media wants to down play this.

      Again, when it's foreign terrorism there isn't this unwillingness to speculate or get in front of any 'methodical investigation.'

      It's like because a lot of people think abortion is baby murder the press is worried about offending those folks. And then again because it's a 'women's issue' there's tendency to again downplay it.

  4. Mike here's an ironic headline suggestion for you (or anyone):

    "Pro-Life Mass Murderer Says "No more baby parts" After His Rampage!"

    1. The only important part is "Pro-Life Mass Murderer"... don't you think that belongs in a headline somewhere?