Monday, November 30, 2015

Ted Cruz's Surge Sends Rubio into Fellow Senators' Arms

There seems to be more movement that shows Rubio becoming the establishment candidate.

Cruz's surge is worrying his fellow GOP Senators who are throwing their support around their other Senate colleague running for President.

As Cruz gains, GOP senators rally for Rubio

The idea of Cruz as the nominee makes fellow GOP senators shudder.

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That in a nutshell is why I want Cruz over Rubio any day of the week. Whatever the GOP establishment wants, I cheer for the opposite.

If only I had the money, I'd run anti Rubio ads all around the country in the important districts. I'd have ads that showed Rubio's vote for amnesty and replay this in GOP enclaves in NH, etc. again and again.

At the same time I'd play Rubio now repudiating his vote for immigration reform and even saying he'd overturn Obama's executive actions for Dreamers in 2011 and 2013 in Latino areas.

That'd be fun. Maybe I'd also make sure the base knows it's Kasich that is calling The Donald a Nazi.

"Senior Republican senators who’ve clashed with Cruz for years have had nothing but nice things to say about Rubio even as he’s dissed — and largely ditched — his day job in the Capitol. Just this month, Rubio has racked up endorsements from nine members of Congress, compared with two for early GOP front-runner Jeb Bush. More House endorsements for Rubio are set to roll out in December, according to campaign sources, and several GOP senators said privately they expect their colleagues to get behind Rubio once the GOP field thins."

"The movement toward Rubio appears to be as much about anxiety over the possibility of Cruz going up against Hillary Clinton as it is affection for the Florida senator. The idea of Cruz as the nominee is enough to send shudders down the spines of most Senate Republicans."

"Mainstream elected Republicans now see Cruz as a bigger threat than Donald Trump or Ben Carson to clinch the nomination — but equally damaging to their party’s chances of winning the White House and keeping the Senate next fall. Rubio would be a much stronger general election standard bearer, they believe."

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It's not hard to understand why no one in the Senate likes Cruz. But what makes the Senate GOPers hate Cruz is exactly what makes the base love him. So if things go according to form two things have happened here.

1. The Nate Silvers of the world will hail this as Rubio's race to lose as he's getting all these wonderful endorsments by all these party insiders.

2. What this ignores though is that for the GOP base this year, being an insider is the kiss of death. So expect this to if anything raise Cruz's stock with the base and maybe even hurt Cruz.

After all, he's got the backing of Mitch McConnell, which is almost as dirty a couple of words for the base as President Obama.

Rubio also has the support of Darrell Issa-another arch insider.

Rep. Darrell Issa threw his support behind Marco Rubio for the Republican presidential nomination on Monday, hailing his fellow lawmaker as someone who has "been fighting the same fights" on the campaign trail as he has done in Congress.

"Marco Rubio really is an exciting candidate, and I'm pleased to be able to endorse him and to work for him for the presidency," the California Republican and former chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said in an interview with "Fox and Friends."

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Yes, Congressman, and your excitement makes him less exciting for the base. 

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