Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New Jersey is a State That Looks a Lot Like the Democratic Party

There's not too much suspense tonight in New Jersey. Hillary is going to win-Benchamark Politics has already called it for her, the only question is how much; the polls don't close until 9.

Bernie's team already have basically conceded he's going to lose big in Jersey today.

It's not surprising it's not a good state for Bernie as it looks so much like the Democratic party. He does very poorly in all such states.

"Clinton is well ahead in early returns from New Jersey, which has been somewhat overlooked despite having 126 pledged delegates, making it the 9th-largest Democratic contest. But New Jersey is also interesting for another reason. Based on its racial demographics, it’s the state most representative of the Democratic electorate as a whole, containing about the same proportion of white, black, Hispanic and Asian and “other” voters as Democrats have nationwide. Clinton has won almost all of the states that score highly by this measure, including Illinois, Florida, Virginia and New York. The closest thing to an exception is Michigan, which Sanders won."

So far it's looking very good for Hillary.

"Clinton is holding her 8 point lead in Ocean County with 25% of precincts counted. It should be a well below avg county for her."

"People wondered how we called so early - we had early access to early results Ocean, Gloucester. Sanders HAD to win those two, by a lot."

Harry Enten:

"It’s clear that Clinton’s going to win New Jersey. She’s up 17 percentage points with 6 percent of precincts reporting, and she’s leading in every county that has reported results so far."

Enjoy the night Hillary lovers. It's only going to get better.

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