Tuesday, June 28, 2016

On Jeremy Corbyn's Legitimacy

Harry Enten has a little persepctive on this whole Jeremy Corbyn vote of no confidence thing. I wrote about it earlier.

David Cameron with this Brexit mess was like Tom-from the old Tom and Jerry cartoons-leaving out a rake for Spike the dog to step on, forgetting it was still there and knocking himself out.

Boris Johnson is not much better as he never really wanted Brexit to win, just to use this issue to become Prime Minister.

Trouble is, Labour is too concerned about taking out Jeremy Corbyn to capitalize. Now you can argue that Labour is not respecting the democratic choice of Labour voters in this.

They had planned to grin and bear him as their party leader until the failure of Brexit-where Corbyn did nominally oppose it but his heart wasn't felt to really be in it.

But as Enten says, there's more to it.

I should point out that Corbyn won a leadership election with 250k votes or 2.7% of votes cast for Labour in 2015 general election (1/?)

In other words, there was a caucus to pick party leader.

For a comparison, Clinton won her primary in 2012 with something like 17 million votes or 26% of Obama's 2012 total votes. (2/?)."

If we had chosen by caucus, Bernie would be the Democratic nominee.

"I think the result is valid. Corbyn is certainly a valid leader. But that's different than saying Labour voters r behind him."

In other news, President Obama has a reaction to Brexit.
"As governments and markets around the world work to make sense of Britain’s vote last week to leave the European Union, President Barack Obama dismissed the global reaction to the seismic move as “hysteria.”

"In an interview on NPR’s “Morning Edition,” Obama said he did not “anticipate that there is going to be major cataclysmic changes as a consequence of” the U.K.’s so-called Brexit vote. Europe’s core values will remain the same, the president said, as will its international priorities. And he downplayed concern that the U.K.’s exit from the EU was a sign of larger nationalist sentiments across the continent."

“I would not overstate it. There has been a little bit of hysteria, post Brexit vote,” Obama said. “As if somehow NATO is gone and the transatlantic alliance is dissolving and every country is rushing off to its own corner. That's not what's happening.”

"President Obama characterized the U.K. vote as little more than its citizens pressing the “pause button” on European integration, frustrated with the bureaucracy that is unavoidable among a group of 28 member states with diverse economies and cultures. He predicted that the U.K. would end up with a situation similar to Norway, which is not an EU member but aligns itself on “almost every issue with Europe and us.”

“I think this will be a moment in which all of Europe says: 'All right, let's take a breath and let's figure out how do we maintain some of our national identities, how do we preserve the benefits of integration and how do we deal with some of the frustrations that our own voters are feeling,'” Obama said. “But the basic core values of Europe, the tenets of liberal, market-based democracies, those aren’t changing.”

Read more:

Obama puts Trump's Brexit response to shame last week in showing how you respond to crises. You damp down on fear and panic and you act and talk in a way that restores confidence.

Interesting that he predicts the UK will become like Norway. We shall see.


  1. Mike, this guest post on Coppola's blog also refers to Boris Bam!Bam! Brexit-Boy Johnson as "the UK's Donald Trump":

    (I suggested that in a comment on her previous post, but I saw it here first)

    1. Ad hominems are wrong, but they are so darn fun.

      BTW, did you know that Bam!Bam! was born in NY?

  2. Mike, I agree with you more than ever about having dodged a bullet with Bernie after reading this bit about Corbyn:

    What an ass (or should I say arse?)... it seems he's putting ego ahead of everything else. He's little-boris. or bitty-bore for short. bam!bam!

  3. Yes. I see Corbyn as the road-thankfully-not taken

  4. This one make me laugh (from RedState):

    Hillary Clinton's campaign and supporting organizations are apparently planning to drop about $13 million dollars in ad spending against the presumptive Republican nominee in an effort to, somehow, make his approval rating drop even lower. Donald Trump, I am assuming, will call these attacks "totally unfair," and perhaps "bogus."


    The CNN story goes on to point out that Donald Trump has yet to spend any money on general election advertising. At the end of the last month, he had roughly $1 million in the bank. He still has no real infrastructure. He may, or may not, be a figment of our fevered imaginations and, any day now, we could wake up to see a Cruz/Rubio (or vice versa) ticket trouncing Clinton/Warren in all the polls.

    Until the, our long national nightmare continues.

    1. It's articles like that which *almost* make me want to see a delegate revolt succeed, so they can have their fantasy Cruz/Rubio ticket... which STILL goes down in flames! That would utterly destroy the GOP. No question, right? If the rebels succeed in removing Trump (bringing a sizeable fraction of the party to a white hot fury which will continue to be stoked by Trump ... forever basically), and install their own guy... THE perfect conservative... and he still loses? There would be a revolt for sure, like we can only dream about. All the *perfect* conservatives who backed Cruz and the Trexit would run for cover, but no quarter would be given. They'd be held to the floor and branded "Cuck!" and RINO with white hot irons... kind of like the end of "Inglorious Bastards" where the Nazi villain (who looks like he's going to get away with everything and retire to New England) is held down by Brad Pitt's men at the end while they carve a swastika on his forehead... I guess so his new New England neighbors will be reminded of exactly who he is.

      But alas, I prefer to see Trump drag the down ballot races even further down by surviving until November.

  5. I learned a new word today from Barry Ritholtz (via Cullen Roche): agnotology. See how it relates to Brexit here:

  6. Chamber of Commerce dumps Trump:

  7. Nice story here: CO senate seat will likely be abandoned because a extremist won the primary: he's a Trump supporter, but in turn he's supported by Cruz, Palin and Erickson. He'll have to go it alone because the RNC doesn't see a path to victory for him:

    What dopes. The extremist conservatives are like retards who keep touching the hot stove and not learning that it burns. It says in their Bible that it shouldn't burn, so they just keep trying thinking their Bible can't be wrong.