Tuesday, June 7, 2016

National Polls Also Show Dems are Ready to Unify

In my last post I noted that the betting markets show Hillary is now more likely to win the nomination than Trump to win the GOP.

For that matter, Biden is not likely to win the nomination at 1.6 percent but he still has a better shot than Bernie at 1.3 percent.

While Bernie was talking about general election polls back in earlier April being closer this is no longer the case.

The national pols seem to mirror what the actual voting shows now. The voting of course shows that she's been a quite strong nominee compared with previous Dems and has won by over 3 million votes and near 300 pledged delegates.

Now the national polls are reflecting this.

"There are some reasons to think Sanders could beat expectations, particularly if his voters are motivated to turn out by the networks’ “call” of the race Monday night, while Clinton’s are complacent and stay at home. But a lot of Democrats also seem to want the race to be over, and some have moved to Clinton in recent days."

"According our national poll average, Clinton has 53.8 percent of the vote to 37.4 percent for Sanders, a lead of 16.4 percentage points. That’s her largest lead on our polling average since Feb. 11, as Sanders started to gain ground on her following her victory in New Hampshire."

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