Friday, June 17, 2016

Hillary 2016: Vote for the Survivable Event

Hugh Hewitt points out that this election is a binary choice. So it is. But this means you have to consider both what a Hillary Clinton Presidency would be and a Donald Trump Presidency would be.

Tom Brown:

"Mike, check it out: harsh Hillary critic at the WSJ is badgered by delusional Hugh Hewitt into making a "binary choice" between Trump and Hillary (obviously HH picks Trump), and WSJ man responds that in contrast to Trump, Hillary is a "survivable event" (though he'll likely not vote for either). Delusional HH is dumbfounded."

Tom has a great idea I have to say: bumper stickers for 2016 Republicans for Hillary.

"Hillary bumper stickers for die-hard Republicans who hate Hillary but who aren't delusional about Trump:"

"Hillary 2016: Vote for the Survivable Event!"

Or how about:

"Choose survival! Choose Hillary 2016!"

"See I think there's plenty for such people to get excited about this election: their survival! What could be more exciting than that? HRC can run on a survival platform in appealing to those on the center right."

Yes, live or die. The excitement thing is mostly the preoccupation of the Berners who think that if Hillary is for a $12 MW rather than $15 it can't excite anyone.

As Tom says, survival is pretty darn exciting.

What's amazing is that even Paul Ryan admits that Trump represents an existential threat to our very Republic. He says things like 'Don't worry, we have separation of powers, we have a Congress.'

Mitch McConnell and other Republicans have said this.

The former CIA director, Michael Hayden, said that the CIA will refuse Trump's waterboarding order.

But is 'Vote for Trump as our checks and balances are probably strong enough to survive him' is the argument of Republicans, this is hardly reassuring.

File this under the category of Then we have no hope

"Republicans are divided about how Donald Trump can dig himself out of the hole that his campaign is in, but they agree on one point: the first step is admitting he has a problem."

"GOP insiders fear that Trump, whose yearlong run for the presidency has been fueled by sheer force of personality, has not grasped the depth of the challenges he now faces."

This is why there's no hope. He will never admit he has a problem. Everything he says makes it clear it's the opposite.

"Trump’s poll numbers are historically awful. And he doesn’t even know it."

"How low can Trump go? Maybe even lower."

"Yet all indications are that Trump is still so caught up in the glow of his GOP primary victories that he may not even be capable of acknowledging what’s happening right now. In a key tell, Morning Joe aired some footage of Trump at a rally in Dallas last night, in which he launched a lengthy soliloquy about how the polls had underestimated his strength in the primaries. At one point, he said this about those polls:

“When I run, I do much better. In other words, people say, ‘I’m not gonna say who I’m voting for’ — don’t be embarrassed — ‘I’m not gonna say who I’m voting for,’ and then they get in, and I do much better. It’s like an amazing effect.”

"It would not be surprising if Trump is telling himself something similar about the general election polling, if, that is, he even takes it seriously enough to bother thinking about it at all."

This is actually false. The polls always showed Trump was doing well in the primary but the pundits refused to believe them.

In the general it's been the opposite. The polls show him losing, some pundits pretend otherwise.

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