Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bernie's Scott Walker Moment in Puerto Rico

The counting of the votes is really slow and the reason is that Bernie made a stink and limited the number of polling booths from 1510 to just 432.

"Puerto Rico's Democratic Party is blaming Sanders's campaign for long lines & confusion today"

I thought Bernie was the one who always boasts the he'll win with a large turnout? I guess PR is one of those places that don't count.

Bernie keeps talking about rigged systems and he seems to be the one doing the rigging. Most of his wins were in low turnout caucuses.

Now he's acting like a Republican governor and demanding only 25 percent the needed number of polling stations.

Truly a day of Bernie shame.

Joy Reid is being stalked by Berners as usual.

Joy won't take it though:

"No, the scandal would be that because they couldn't field enough volunteers they made it harder for people to vote."

Why because only a small number of Puerto Ricans want to volunteer for Bernie is he punishing the entire island?

"if you actually think making people stand in 4-hour lines is legit, I don't know what to tell you. Carry on."

Susan Sarandon is at it again, saying that Hillary is more dangerous than Trump.

What I do believe is that the Berners are themselves very dangerous. Thank God for the good sense of Democrats in voting against him in a landslide.
Nate Cohn gives the update:

"Clinton holds at 65-34 with 16.5k votes counted in Puerto Rico. That's about 14% of precincts."

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