Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hillary Just 28 Delegates From Victory

She had a strong blowout win in Puerto Rico and now she is just 28 delegates from victory.

In truth she's already won-according to CNN's John King there are at least 40 SDs ready to come out for her who are being urged to come out for Tuesday night.

So effectively she's there. But the official clinch will be Tuesday night.

She will actually be in my backyard Tuesday night for her victory speech. Almost-she'll be in Brooklyn. Not sure that counts as my backyard but close enough.

P.S. I got in a real back and forth with Bill Scher after I criticized this post of his claiming that Bernie will get all this juice if he wins CA by 2 points.

I told him he was wrong, and Scher more or less was Twitter stalking me ever since.

Which is not bad, to have a Beltway insider being the one to stalk me. LOL.

In all fairness, I always bitch when I speak to pundits and they don't answer. He took the time, so give him that.

I pointed out that Obama lost California in 2008 and this didn't matter, but he insisted that because CA votes last if Bernie won it this will lead him to force a convention fight.

I don't buy it. I think it's just window dressing. She wins the primary in NJ Tuesday night and what happens in CA doesn't matter-though Benchmark Politics who have been pretty accurate have her winning by eight points.

So that was interesting.

I do think there is something to what Scher says about Al Franken.

I wrote about that myself recently.


  1. Mike, thanks.

    Your title and your 1st sentence contradict one another though: Which is it? 28 or 29 delegates that she needs?

  2. O/T: Mike did you hear about Newt Gingrich having to disavow Trump's judge Curiel statements today? I guess he's off the VP list.

    1. Leon H. Wolf warns his readers that it's time to abandon the racist and make it clear that you are doing so.

    2. 28. I had done the math wrong at first. I changed the title after. Initially I had out 29

      TK for pointing it out

    3. I think Steve Berman's attempt to blame 50% (or more) of Republican racism on Obama and Democrats here is yet another disgraceful foray into false equivalence. At least he acknowledges who the racists are though, and which party they're in today:

    4. However, I do give Steve props for doing more Dem opposition research (this time on Trump paying women less than men):

    5. Mike the brilliance of your primary pro-Trump stance shines through here:
      Kudos to you!
      I hope each of those turds chews their nails to the bone each time Trump gets within 20 feet of a microphone or his twitter account.

    6. Thank you Tom. Yes, this is what William F. Buckley once called 'A Dream Walking'

  3. Back to Berman's article:

    So it's Woodrow Wilson, Obama and Democrats' fault that the "racism monster" in the GOP was awakened? Lol ... well, to be fair, he doesn't say it was exclusively their fault, but it sounds like he thinks it was at least 50%. Damn Obama! Why did he have to be half black, and then get elected to boot??? How cynical and underhanded of him! Didn't he realize that his blackness would awaken a GOP racism monster that will haunt us for the next 100 years?? But NOOOOO he didn't care about that! He didn't care about this nation. Unconscionable of him and the low down dirty Dems!

    1. (to be fair, it wasn't just his blackness, but that he was black and to the left of Erickson at the same time... doesn't he know that the only acceptable way to be a black politician is to be AT LEAST as far right as Erickson???? Unbelievable how negligent Obama was in that regard)

    2. Mike, I think it's like you said during the GOP primary concerning Trump's critics on the right and among his competitors: recall WAY BACK when when you actually defended Trump? Lol... you criticized those critics by saying something to this effect (paraphrasing):

      "They're only upset with Trump because he explicitly shouts with a bullhorn what they'd all tacitly agreed must only be dog-whistled. How DARE Trump make explicit the race baiting that was totally fine as long as they could claim no knowledge of such a thing ["I'm shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that there's gambling in this casino!!"]. Now there's nowhere to hide!"

      I think the same thing is happening here except that the anger have overflowed it's Trump container and thus the Democrats must be blamed. Race baiting MUST be kept subtle. Complain about the "urban" "welfare queen" (a la Reagan) and everyone will know what you mean, but you can act innocent and claim you're color blind. It's INFURIATING that the color blind shtick can't work anymore, and so it must be the Democrats who caused this, because... well, because it just **CAN'T** be OUR fault! It's inconceivable! We're God's favorites!

    3. LOL. Obama's fault. That's Rush Limbaugh's thing as well. Trump is the answer to Obama.

      They have to go back 100 years to Woodrow Wilson. LOL

  4. I have to say I agree with this RedState commenter:

    "Keep praying that God will give us a godly president. Maybe we have no idea what He's up to."

    Yes, praying should be your plan A. And your plan B, C, D E and F. From now on in all things political. Don't vote, don't make political contributions... just stay home and pray and let God take care of it. From now on in all future elections.

    1. God (unlike the GOP) won't let you down!