Sunday, June 5, 2016

Waiting Around for a Nomination Which Has Already Been Decided

That's what Harry Enten says we're doing:

"We may not be ready to declare a winner in PR, but I'm ready to declare a loser: us. We r idiots for waiting around when the nom is decided."

This is largely for a couple reasons:

1. Bernie keeps saying it's not decided, we haven't even started to decide it. The 3 million more voters who voted for Hillary don't matter. California matters-if he wins.

If not, then Cali doesn't matter either. Then the SDs should switch. By the way, the SDs are evil.

Speaking of which, Jesse Jackson who ran a similar campaign against Michael Dukakis in many ways in 1988 is trying to reason with Bernie behind the scenes.

Interestingly, one reform Jackson got in 1988 was that the Dems agreed to add more SDs. So there is no absolute principle that says that SDs are somehow evil.

2. But of course, the media has been complicit with Bernie. They've insisted on continuing to cover this race as if there is all this suspense as to who wins.

KristinElaine Martin:

"That's what everyone in MSM and public gets (not you guys at 538) for listening to BS #FleeTheBern #ImWithHer

In any case, Hillary is now 54 delegates shy of 2383. She currently leads in Puerto Rico by about 70 percent to 30 percent over The Bern.

PR is worth 60 delegates-Hillary has talked about making them a state. If she ends up with about 70 percent that gives her 42 more delegates which would leave her just 12 short of 2383.

But as Harry Enten says, this has long since been decided. CNN John King just announced that there are about 40 more SDs ready to declare but they are being asked to wait until Tuesday night.

Part of me would love to have it happen now just to rub it in that: it's over. There is no suspense about anything.

There hasn't really been since March 15. Even pretend suspense ended after her double digit landslide wins in NY, Pennsylvania, and Maryland in late April.

We have bigger fish to fry than humoring Bernie Sanders: the biggest fish is a guy I refer to as Hitler 2.0.

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