Friday, June 10, 2016

We Must Unite and make Hillary the Next President of the United States

These were the words my friend R Joseph tweeted to me last night.

"We must unite and make Hillary the next POTUS."

This is significant as Joe is one of my Twitter friends from the pre Hillary primary period. The first friends I got on Twitter were Obama supporters.

R Joseph, Eagle Feather, Nanute. Did I meet Nanute on Twitter on on Sumner's Money Illusion?

Anyway, many of these early friends took the other side in the Dem primary.

R Joseph has not really been anti Hillary or even totally pro Bernie. I'm not sure who he voted for-unlike Nanute and Eagle Feather who I know voted Bernie.

Once the primary started, I met a whole bunch of new friends who fiercely love Hillary like I do.

Joe has taken the position that he will vote for the Democratic ticket, regardless of who it is.

I was interested to see the reaction to Obama's endorsement yesterday.

A lot of times, Bernie supporters have claimed that Obama was more on Bernie's side than Hillary's-which is totally false of course.

Now that Obama has endorsed Hillary many of the Berners are furious with him-many are furious with Elizabeth Warren now too.

Eagle Feather shockingly has now turned on the President.

He RTed this:

"Obamas spoke truth once.Now he speaks 4 his corrupt party.We will choose our own leaders from now on"

Meanwhile, TurboKitty who I used to do an Internet radio show with is finished with the Democrats after Obama's endorsement of That Woman.

TB and I had our show that at first went well but towards the end we had some division. It seemed at the time that our breakup was about something silly.

But looking back it's clear we didn't split up by accident-over a personal misunderstanding.

It was fundamental. I had thought at first that she and I were kindred spirits-as we both were Obama supporters.

But I now see this was not the case. Looking back I had found her relentless talk about burning down the banks as kind of shrill.
Anyway, because the President she did vote for now is supporting That Woman who he defeated in 2008 Turbo now announces she is done with the entire party.

"I can’t begin to tell you how very disappointed I am today, not only with you but with the entire Democratic Party."

"I believe you ought to know who I am, or at least to have heard of me. I know Bill Clinton heard me and I know Harry Reid, Chris Wicker and Roberta Lange know my name."

"In 2008 I was your Delegate in the state of Nevada. When Chris Wicker was the Chair of the Convention. I was the woman that called the Point of Order, to remove the secret vote, contained in the Consent Agenda, that allowed for the State Democratic Chair, to choose the Electorate Slate for the Nevada State Democratic Party. Because of what I did, not only did we get to choose our own Electorate, but the state of Nevada also fell to you, for the National Convention."

"It’s now 2016 and you’ve had a pretty good run, considering all the obstacles a Republican Congress has put in your way. I’m not going to bother to list your accomplishments, because my disappointment in you today, far outweighs the pride I used to take, in knowing that I voted for you, not once but twice."
"I have come to view the Democraticy Party, local, state and national “clubs”, more and more like an abusive boyfriend/girlfriend, everyday. I had an abusive boyfriend once, that relationship lasted a good seven years, before I finally woke up and realized, I am responsible for my own choices and you are responsible for yours. There is no in between and by continuuing that relationship, I was allowing the abuse to continue."

"The abuse in our relationship now, consists of lying, cheating and stealing. The Main Stream Media is complicit in endorsing the Party lies too. Where I used to proudly hold up my head and declare I was a Democratic Party member, not just a “Democrat”, because historically, that word was used to imbue insult, I now feel at a loss for anything to do, to change it, except to agree with history."

"I wanted to believe and for half my life, I did believe. After witnessing the Media endorsed malfeasance, the fraud and the pretense, surrounding this last Presidential cycle, I was forced to undergo the most painful and heartbreaking surgery there is. My eyes were opened, without the benefit of anesthesia."

"I see clearly now, all the corruption and I can no longer sit back and take it, or stand up to it and fight. This is an endless cycle where nothing will change and when nothing changes, NOTHING changes. Leopards don’t change their spots, right? I already know the answer to that question."

"I guess what I’m really trying to say here is, goodbye. To you, to the Party, to the endless cycle of abuse. I will be hanging around long enough for Nomination however, nothing anyone says or does, no matter how the Convention goes, will change my mind, I’ve heard all the beat up romance before and I know when it’s time to leave."

"On July 26th of 2016, after 37 years of being a member of a Democratic family and the Democratic Party, we will formally be parting ways. Goodbye Mr.President."

You know what's really funny? Right at the end of the piece, right underneath, there is a 'I'm a Hillary Voter' ad. 

I think that Turbo has allowed her hatred for Hillary to cloud her judgement. Many Berners are now doing the same. 

Elizabeth Warren is also dead to Turbo Kitty. 

"Dear @SenWarren I'm no longer a #Democrat and you are a #SellOut"

That folks like TK and Eagle Feather can allow hatred of Hillary Clinton to lead them to not even being worried about a President Trump is something that you are seeing a lot of. 

Some are allowing this hatred, this derangement syndrome, to fry their brains. They are even calling her Crooked Hillary and Lying Hillary-ie, using Trump attacks against her. 

In any case R Joseph had the opposite reaction to Obama's endorsement. For him, Obama's endorsement was a clarion call. 

While there will be some dead enders who will allow Hillary hatred to Trump-pun intended-all else, I think you will see many like Joe. 

In the coming days and weeks, Hillary's poll numbers should get a real bounce. 

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