Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Fight to Release Trump's Deposition Videos

It's ironic he's attacked that Indiana judge as being biased. In truth, that judge has made some very Trump friendly rulings; rulings which are not so friendly to the alleged victims of Trump's fake university.

After all, the judge decided to postpone until after the election. That essentially means that the only hope they victims have of winning is a Hillary Clinton Presidency. After all, do you really imagine the judge ruling against Trump after he wins the Presidency? Consider the leniency the judge has already showed him in postponing because he's the GOP nominee.

Not surprisingly, the lawyers for the victims want to release Trump's deposition videos. They rightly see this election as some major leverage, as a way of making this case public.

What might the videos show? We know that Trump has ripped off many people-how else do you get to 3500 lawsuits?. He has destroyed average, ordinary Americans.

"During the Atlantic City casino boom in the 1980s, Philadelphia cabinet-builder Edward Friel Jr. landed a $400,000 contract to build the bases for slot machines, registration desks, bars and other cabinets at Harrah's at Trump Plaza."

"The family cabinetry business, founded in the 1940s by Edward’s father, finished its work in 1984 and submitted its final bill to the general contractor for theTrump Organization, the resort’s builder."

"Edward’s son, Paul, who was the firm’s accountant, still remembers the amount of that bill more than 30 years later: $83,600. The reason: the money never came. “That began the demise of the Edward J. Friel Company… which has been around since my grandfather,” he said.

In this case-not an isolated case-Trump's refusal to honor a contract destroyed a family business. There are many cases of his stiffing people and businesses.

Now in Trump U, we have 40,000 who say they have been victimized by Trump.

"A battle is escalating over the potential release of videos of Donald Trump dodging and weaving during depositions in the Trump University case, footage that could make its way into attack ads aimed at the Republican White House hopeful."

"The plaintiffs’ attorneys in two class-action lawsuits are pressuring U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel — the target of Trump’s racially charged attacks — to take steps that could make public four dozen video clips of Trump being pressed on whether his real estate seminar business was a sprawling scam, as well as his thoughts on the 2016 political race."

"It’s just one of a series of tactics that the attorneys are using to exploit Trump’s pursuit for the highest office in the United States as they seek to maximize the political pain for Trump — and the strategic gain for their clients."

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Smart strategy. Maybe we can have a win-win. By releasing this info we can get justice for Trump's victims and serve the public interest in making sure a scam artist like him is never President of the United States.

"Trump has denied accusations that Trump University students were ripped off, and he has painted the legal assault as part of a politically motivated campaign to damage his presidential ambitions. He has noted that Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd, the major class-action law firm involved, has long ties to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, paying them $675,000 for speeches in recent years. Attorneys at the firm have also been generous donors to the Clintons' campaigns."

"However, legal experts say the plaintiffs' lawyers' approach in the long-running litigation seems less driven by political loyalties and more by opportunism — a chance to capitalize on Trump's predicament to try to force him into a financial settlement far more costly than would have been on the table before his improbable political ascent."

"They might have been willing to accept a settlement of 'X' dollars before, but Trump appeared unwilling to settle," said University of Chicago law professor David Zarfes. "Now, it would probably be '2X' or '3X' or '4X.' They have him in a very difficult, tenuous situation. It's unfortunate for him."

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And I would feel very bad for his misfortune if only. If only he hasn't so richly earned it.

I doubt the family that lost their cabinet business is shedding many tears for him.


  1. I hope we get to see the videos... right after the GOP convention.

  2. That would be some nice timing.

    Maybe the Dems get it for their convention.