Thursday, June 9, 2016

Move On Tells Bernie to Move On

Listening to Bernie's Bros at this late stage makes you think of that song from Boyz to Men, End of the Road.

At the Berner rallies on California, it was like a wake.

"It was impossible to walk through the crowd of Bernie Sanders supporters who packed an airplane hangar here Tuesday night without noticing the feelings of disenfranchisement and disgust that consumed them."

"As far as they were concerned, the Democratic primary was rigged against Sanders from the very start to favor Hillary Clinton."

"They believed this to the end. And on the last major primary night of the campaign, it did appear to be the end: Sanders vowed to fight on to the convention, but Clinton, who won 3.7 million more primary votes than Sanders, was basking in becoming the first woman to clinch a major-party presidential nomination."

"The main culprit in the minds of Sanders supporters was the media—especially The Associated Press, which was first to report that Clinton had secured enough support from the party insiders known as superdelegates to be the presumptive nominee."

The delight of being a Berner where reality is whatever you say it is.
Sure. To deal in facts and not wishes and desires makes you 'corrupt' and a 'shill.' Thank goodness these folks lost. Can you imagine what they'd do if they had any actual power?

And, as far as many Sanders supporters were concerned, mainstream media has been nothing more than her paid PR machine. When primary results were broadcasted on a large TV screen that didn’t favor their candidate, supporters booed. If CNN aired preliminary results from states like California that showed Sanders was behind, they shouted, “CNN sucks! CNN sucks!”

Hugo Chavez was democratically elected-unlike Lenin, Mao, and Castro. But once in power he shutdown all media that said things he didn't want to hear. So would the Berners if they could.

The Dead Enders are just like their leader who simply ignores bourgeois reality.

"Having lost the California primary by 13 points and fallen miserably behind in the delegate count for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders is talking like he finally has Hillary Clinton right where he wants her."

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Again, just be glad he doesn't. A guy with that big a Messiah Complex should never have such power.

Meanwhile, Jeff Merkley, his one super Delegate in the Senate is telling him it's over. is breaking the bad news: Hilary won fair and square. There was no 'rigging.'

“MoveOn members believe, as we have long advocated, that the nomination should go to the winner of the majority of pledged delegates, and that undemocratic superdelegates should not overturn the will of the voters,” MoveOn Political Action's Executive Director, Ilya Sheyman, said in the statement.

"Sanders won MoveOn's endorsement in January with over 78 percent of the 340,665 votes cast by the group's members."

"In the statement, Sheyman applauded Sanders for revolutionizing “politics as we know it” with his grassroots campaign and insisted that “the policies Bernie has advanced should be included in the Democratic platform.”

Sheyman said that Sanders “has more than earned the right to figure out the next steps for this movement on his own timeline,” but he implied that Clinton’s status as the presumptive nominee after landslide primary wins in New Jersey and California, which secured her lead in both pledged delegates and super-delegates, shut the door on Sander's hopes for a contested convention. The former secretary of state also leads Sanders in the popular vote."

"Sanders renewed his vow to remain in the race until the Democratic National Convention in July after Tuesday’s primaries, and his campaign has said it believes it can persuade some superdelegates to flip their support from Clinton to him."

"But even some of the Vermont senator’s most prominent backers have rejected that strategy."

As Sanders' sole endorser in the Senate, Jeff Merkley of Oregon, said, “We have our nominee.”
Sorry Bernie. I know you think you're this angel of mercy come to save us but we don't need no salvation, just want to elect a President.

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