Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Morning Joe: GOPers Should Stop Going Through the Motions Over Trump

There is no question just that Trump is losing but that he's already dragging down other GOPers with him.

"Republicans who find themselves despondent over Donald Trump as their party's presumptive presidential nominee need not go through the motions, former congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said Wednesday."

"During an opening segment of "Morning Joe," the former Florida lawmaker laid out the stakes for senators and members of the House running in competitive races against Democrats this November, a day after a Bloomberg Politics national poll showed Clinton with a 12-point lead over Trump."

"This is something you take care of in one town hall meeting. Call a town hall meeting. Say this is why I'm not going to endorse Donald Trump until he does one, two, three. And you go there and explain," Scarborough said. "I had to explain why I was running Newt Gingrich out of town, a pretty popular speaker of the house. [I] went around the district, held town hall meetings, explained how he turned his back on the very conservative values that got us there. Talked about runaway spending, compromising on a lot of issues important to conservatives. And at the end of the day they understood."

"Echoing a common refrain on the show, Scarborough said Republican politicians "don't need to run scared" and "can go home and lead" to tell their constituents that until Trump "does X, Y, and Z, he does not have my support."

"Does that mean I'm supporting Hillary Clinton? No. But it does mean I'm not going to support somebody that will not only lose to Hillary Clinton but ruin the Republican Party for the next generation," Scarborough said, suggesting the Republican line.

Willie Geist then remarked, "I wonder if some of these men and women in Congress aren't getting closer to that position. If you watched yesterday them having to answer again for something else Donald Trump said, whether it was Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan, they are exasperated" for having to "tap dance" around their response to Trump's latest comments.

"And by the way, guess what? Donald Trump loses, he goes back to Mar-a-Lago, he's golfing, he's got stories to tell the rest of his life, and he's fine. He'll be a happy guy again," Scarborough said. "[New Hampshire Sen.] Kelly Ayotte loses, [Wisconsin Sen.] Ron Johnson loses, who knows, maybe Republicans lose in Pennsylvania, maybe they lose in Ohio. They get wiped out in the Senate. Paul Ryan's historic majority gets wiped out in the House."

He continued, "You know, what does Donald Trump care? He's going to be golfing, Scotland, he's gonna be flying around on his plane, he's gonna be talking about how great he is, how he got stabbed in the back by Republicans, how the media was unfair. And he'll have a great life. That's why I don't understand why they don't stand up to him now and say, hey, this isn't your toy to play with. This is our country. This is our party. This is our conservative movement."

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I do agree that for GOPers at this point it's more than losing a Presidential race-which is largely baked into the cake.

It's the Senate majority. If the Dems take back the Senate as they seem quite likely to do, McConnell's decision not to vote on Merrick Garland sure will look inspired next year.

Just like it was brilliant of Republicans to turn down Obama's grand bargain in 2011.

But it's about the future as well. I argue that any Republican who has endorsed or supported Trump will be forced to explain this for the rest of their political life.

P.S. Relatedly, more and more Republicans are questioning Trump's very fitness for office.


  1. "It's the Senate majority. If the Dems take back the Senate as they seem quite likely to do, McConnell's decision not to vote on Merrick Garland sure will look inspired next year."

    Obama should withdraw Garland's nomination a week before the election, and say he'll only reinstate it if McConnell personally promises that he'll meet with Garland 1st. But if McConnell waits till after the election, then he needs to humiliate himself in some other way. (Maybe he can have lunch with the president, but he eats on the ground out of a dog bowl next to Obama's pooch... Lol).

    1. LOL. As crazy as the Tea Party is, just eating with Obama in public would be damning enough for the base.

      Though I guess Ryan did eat with Pelosi a few times recently.

  2. From Rubin's "Morning Bits"

    Trump doesn’t want to account for his nasty insinuations. “Trump folk are always saying that their man ‘tells it like it is.’ John McCain rode a bus called ‘the Straight Talk Express.’ Trump is said to be a straight-talker extraordinaire. But he is more like the King of Innuendo. He is a weasel-talker extraordinaire. He is the master of ‘insinnuendo.'”

    I'd add to that that he's the least subtle "insinnuator" in existence. He beats you over the head with his heavy handed statements... which is what's required for the base to understand I guess.

  3. I notice that Rubin liked Hilary's speech better than Obama's.

    I don't agree with her-for me they were both good.

    But as it's Hillary on the ballot not Obama that might be a good thing for her to pick up some Republican and independent vote.

  4. Remember-Rubin is talking to Republicans and arguing to them that a vote for Hillary is not as bad as Obama.

    I don't think Obama's bad. But we're talking about Republicans.

    The latest polls show independents moving in her direction as well.