Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Stop Being a Crabby Bernie and Recognize History

With all Bernie's increasing torturous arguments as to why he won't respect the will of the 3 million more Democratic voters, let's not lose sight of reality like he does.

Last night, history was made as Jamil Smith reminds us.

"Don't lose the history of this moment. A woman will be the presidential nominee of a major party. First of many, I hope."

Bernie got very peevish yesterday after the NY Times' Yamiche Alicindor called him out on his refusal to recognize the history being made.

"Hillary Clinton on Monday spoke sentimentally about being on the verge of making history, and shattering the glass ceiling that eight years ago suffered 18 million cracks, but ultimately did not give way for her to become the first female presidential nominee."

"Bernie Sanders, holding his own press conference 350 miles away, gruffly talked about needing a sandwich."

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Don't be crabby Bernie, recognize history and the will of the Democratic voter. I know you admire Castro but not respecting the democratic will of the voters is a bridge too far.

Bernie for months we tried to get you to show us the beef in all your policy proposals. Then the Daily News showed what we had suspected: there is no there, there.

Then you and Jane wouldn't release your tax returns. Then you wouldn't show us your delegate math that proved there was still a path to victory.

Now Bernie we have one question left for you: when are you dropping out.

With Hillary Clinton assuming the mantle of presumptive Democratic nominee, one question is looming on Tuesday, the last big voting day of the primary season: When will Bernie drop?

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That is the only thing left is when will Bernie dropout. Maybe you can finally answer a question that Dem voters want to know.

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