Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hillary Wins the Virgin Islands, Edges Within 60 Delegates of Nomination

She came into it with 2316 delegates out of the 2383 needed. She won the VI by a landslide margin, such a strong margin that she may win all 7 delegates which would bush her within 60 of the nomination.

Even if not she will be close to that-maybe 61from it to get technical. Bernie may not not have enough votes to even get viability.

Meanwhile, she's expected to also do very well in Puerto Rico tomorrow which has 60 delegates in play. She will likely-being conservative-get at least 35 out of the 50 delegates which would leave her just about 25 delegates short.

"Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have both offered plans to solve Puerto Rico's debt crisis."

"They've invested a roughly equal number of time campaigning there over the past three weeks. But unlike other recent contests where Sanders closed to within striking distance in the final days, leaving the eventual outcome up in the air, few expect the territory to do anything other than deliver a Clinton victory."

"There's just too much history with the Clintons, and too many hurdles for Sanders to overcome in a place where the former secretary of state won by a landslide over Barack Obama in 2008."

"Public polling in the Puerto Rico primary has been essentially nonexistent, so there’s no reliable way to gauge who’s ahead. But as a former senator from the state with the largest population of Puerto Rican-Americans, she has a much greater degree of familiarity with the territory and its residents than Sanders."

"She has a very good grasp of policy issues in Puerto Rico and has for a very long time, particularly when she was a senator from New York," said Roberto Prats, the chairman of the Puerto Rico Democratic Party and a Clinton supporter. "We have a sizable population of Puerto Ricans in New York and New York state and she was very active in the community as well."

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It won't be long now, until we Democrats get to serenade Bernie Sanders with a great old hit: Goodbye Bernie.

I'm paraphrasing, the original song was Goodbye Allie, but it fits Bernie now.

P.S. I guess that song was actually 'Goodnight Ladies' but New Yorkers made it 'Goodbye Allie' for Allie Sherman's  later losing years with the NY Giants.

Of course, Bernie is allegedly a New Yorker but I'm sure that cultural allusion would go right over his head.

UPDATE: Here's a picture worth a thousand words.


  1. According to some comments on the Virgin Islands' Democratic Party facebook page it looked like she took > 80% of the V.I. caucus votes, but I have no idea if those comments are to be trusted. (I've even seen a report that she took > 90% in a comment elsewhere, but again, I have no idea if that's credible).

    Also, V.I. has 7 delegates decided by the caucus, but then another 5 super delegates? I've seen somewhere that a total of 12 delegates are ultimately at stake there. Is that correct?

  2. Yes but the SDs aren't handed out tonight.

    According to Benchmark Politics, Bernie did get 1 delegate and she got 6.

  3. As to the results:

    STX total
    681 HC
    50 BS
    8 uncom

    1. Thanks! So it's possible she could get very close after tomorrow then.

    2. So do you have any idea how that works? It means that 681 individuals who attended the caucus support HRC, and 50 support BS, and then another 8 just decide not to support anybody? Why did those 8 even show up? Or do I have it wrong?

  4. In a lot of primaries and caucuses you're allowed to choose 'other'

    Why they do this is a good question. I doubt they'd have the 'commitment' to give you an answer though

  5. Mike, you might like this: Hillary was in town here today, but it was a private event downtown at a restaurant. However earlier in the day she did a rally about an hour down the coast in Port Hueneme (pronounced why-knee-me) and my niece and her grandmother went. (I own a condo there actually... it's a small town). My niece says they were about 20 feet from the podium. Anyway, here's some pics.

    I don't know who that first woman is... but she looks familiar. I'll ask my niece.

    1. Looking at the map, it was at Hueneme High School, which is just outside the Port Hueneme city limits, in Oxnard (not that you care).

    2. The other woman is Julia Brownley, their congresswoman.

    3. Awesome stuff Tom. Good for your niece!