Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dan Patrick Shows You Don't Have to be Muslim to Hate Gays

Joe Walsh wasted no time impugning all Muslims for the awful crime of one man.

"For all you young liberals. Pls realize this is the evil face of Islam. They kill gays in the Middle East. Islam hates gays #Orlando."

Right. Muslims hate gays. Unlike Right wing Christians here in America. They love gays.

Matthew Chapman:

"Resign, @DanPatrick. Saying mass shooting victims "reap what they sow" is completely outside of acceptable behavior for an elected official."

He's probably very good buddies with David Perdue.

It gets worse:
"Michael Oren, ex Israel ambassador to US:"If I were Trump I'd emphasize the Muslim name, Omar Saddiqui Mateen. This changes race" @channel10"

Thank goodness for Shadi Hamid:

"So I've created a preliminary list of smart scholars/journalists to follow after #Orlando to filter out nonsense: …"

It's a tragic day, America. But let's not compound a righteous grief and anger with ignorant bigotry of our own.

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