Friday, June 17, 2016

America First and Britain First

When Trump says 'America First' the historical context needs to be remembered.

It is an ugly legacy. America First was the cry of those sympathetic to Adolph Hitler. Pat Buchanan, wrote a book a few years ago arguing we should have stayed out of WWII.

One way to look at Trump is that he's part of an international rise of the nationalist Right.

Indeed, if anything, Trumpism is a stronger force in Europe and Britain than here-thank goodness.

If Hillary does in in November we will buck a trend.

In Britain, Brexit is powered by a very Trumpian energy and this seems on the verge of winning.

America First is an ugly thing. Yesterday we saw first hand that Britain First is similarly ugly.

Now many will say you can't paint the entire Brexit campaign with this brush. No. But it makes you wonder if this isn't a commentary on the sort of energy Brexit is powered by.

Because the question begs: Brexit is not a good idea, so why is it an idea whose time may have come?

Krugman talks about the negative economic impact of Brexit.

There was also a piece out yesterday that argued it's bad for the US.

What isn't talked about as much is the political effects it may have on Britain. Will Britain still be Britain when it's done?

Not if Scotland votes for independence for real after a Brexit.

There are those obsessed with the idea that being in the EU hurts British sovereignty. Well, what would the UK splitting in half do for it?

I think the reason it's become such a popular idea is for Trumpian reasons. A major talking point against the EU, is that they are to blame for the refugee crisis, they do nothing to protect national borders, indeed, they erode them, etc.

The last few years, while our economy didn't recover as strongly as it should have, it still was considerably better than Europe.

As long as Hillary wins in November, we will be in considerably better political shape than Europe as well. 

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