Monday, September 19, 2016

White Folks Should be Ashamed of Themselves

Saying this is a little strong but I mean it.

Let me first say that I am not anti-white, in fact I'm half white myself; what used to be called a 'Mulatto' and today is called biracial. In truth, I'm actually more than half white as my mother herself is biracial.

And though some have argued I should I have never self identified as 'black'-I don't identify as white either. I'm happy the surveys now seem to be accommodating those of us of mixed race finally.

But let's be honest: politically speaking white people are the problem. They voted for Brexit in Britain; if only there were more voters of color it wouldn't have happened.

Brexit was first and foremost about white grievance-though many try to apologize for them by claiming it's about economic anxiety. So no people of color are economically anxious?

In the US, POC make up a bigger portion of the electorate so we have a very good chance of defeating Trumpism here.

Today's Upshot poll has it neck and neck in Florida.

"Donald J. Trump has almost no plausible path to the White House unless he wins Florida, a rapidly changing state where Hispanic voters could deal a decisive blow to his chances."

"But a new poll, by The New York Times Upshot/Siena College, suggests that Mr. Trump is keeping his hopes alive in Florida, the largest and most diverse of the crucial battleground states. The reason: White voters favor him by a large margin."

"Mrs. Clinton leads by a single point, 41 to 40 percent, among likely voters in a four-way race that includes Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. The race is tied in the head-to-head race, 43-43."

Good job white voters. Just think: if the electorate was as white as it was in 1984, Trump would win in a landslide. Does this mean that most white voters are racist? Well, that question takes us back to the whole flack over 'deplorables.'

The media got very indignant over the idea that you are assuming that everyone who votes for Trump is a racist. So should we divide Trump supporters into following two groups?

1. Those who are voting for him because he's a racist.

2. Those who are voting for him despite him being a racist?

If you are voting for Trump despite him being a racist there is still something very wrong with you. Sorry, but you don't get a pass.

Anyone who is at all ok with President Trump-including the Beltway media and some spiteful Bernie or Busters ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Assuming they have any sense of shame.

I honestly don't understand how anyone is complacent about the possibility of a Trump Presidency as Beltway insider Howard Finneman is. He's already writing HIllary's obituary 50 days before the election.

Finneman is always talking about how 'Trump can win, He can he really can win. Trump really can win.'

So why aren't you out volunteering phone banking, donating to stop that from happening? Now doubt his answer would be: 'I'm a journalist not a partisan.'

But being neutral here whether you call yourself pretty names like 'journalist' or 'reporter' is shameful. It shows you're ok with a crypto fascist racist in the Oval Office. Full stop.

If you aren't motivated to vote I don't get it. Your very life depends on it. If that's not motivation enough for you, then there's something deeply wrong.

It's just too bad that I and many other POC am at your perverse mercy and you just 'aren't inspired enough.'

What about aspiring to reject Trumpism and everything it represents? Think about what Trumpianism represents.

As Krugman says, vote as if your vote matters, because it does.

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