Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It's Reasonable for Mr. Trump to Want His Privacy

What a shock. Donald Trump is not releasing any health information at the Dr. Oz show after all.

This is, of course, no shock at all, or shouldn't be. For some reason I just saw CNN's Gloria Borger on Carol Costello's show express confidence he will release something soon.

Yes. Because when Donald Trump says the check is in the mail, it's money in the bank.

The Oz interview never seemed very hopeful anyway as far as getting any meaningful medical history on Donald Trump. Dr. Oz is yet another quack doctor like the one who wrote his hyperbolic letter.

Oz had said that nothing would be revealed that Mr. Trump finds embarrassing. So we already knew, these would not be actual medical records but an infomercial.

What is amazing is that Kelly Conway has been claiming that Mr. Trump deserves his privacy. This is as the media is excoriating Hillary Clinton for not calling a press conference to announce she has pneumonia being treated by antibiotics.

The media is outraged by this lack of transparency even though some question whether there is any rule that you have to let the media know every time you catch a cold.

Some in the media are even trying to start a scandal out of her not drinking enough water.

But Mr. Trump deserves his privacy. And Carol Costello actually took the bait. When she heard this her response was: 'Well that sounds reasonable.'

As John Stoehr correctly says Hillary's main opponent is not Donald Trump. It's media bias, the press' implicit double standard.

Much of it is about, plain old sexism. The media's 'mistrust' is all about sexism.

This is a big part of the Clinton Rules and always has. Even Bill in some ways was tainted in the media's mind as his partnership with That woman.'

"But fact remains that press keeps asking: What is she hiding? Will it ask Trump what he is hiding too?"

Especially as he's hiding a lot more.

As Krugman says, the media coverage is now objectively pro Trump.

He puts it well. Objectively: in other words not necessarily consciously and intentionally. You can be objectively harming your child while subjectively you think you're helping them.

You can subjectively want to live a long time but objectively cutting your own life short, etc.

Objectively the media is pro Trump and Hillary's main opponent.

UPDATE: Kellyann Conway sounds very indignant: she doesn't get why people won't respect Mr. Trump's privacy. Sure if anyone has any individual questions about his health he'll be happy to answer it but why should he have to give them so much?

It's invasive you see. At the same time she is also laughably claiming that Hillary Clinton needs to be more transparent about her health. 

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