Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Clueless Leftists Who Think That Trump is 'Noninterventionist'

Need to explain along with Donald Trump why he says 'I love war.'

"Trump camp tries to clarify his 'I love war' comment."

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As Bernie and Busters and the Jill not Hillers say that Trump is noninterventionist, they along with Trump need to clarify his stated love of war.

Josh Marshall:

"As Trump gets ready to speak again on national security, I want to return to a basic point. I've heard numerous people - people who should know better - claiming that Trump is either critiquing Clinton from the left or embracing a non-interventionist Realist foreign policy."

"This is silly."

"It's pretty well established that Trump is lying when he says he opposed the Iraq War. That's simply not true. What's far more important is that what Trump actually says, commits to for the future, isn't Realism or non-interventionism but magical thinking. Consider this: Trump says that he'll destroy ISIS quickly (even making occasional wild remarks about using nuclear weapons); he says he'll set up and defend vast 'safe zones' in the Syrian desert; he says he'll tear up the Iran nuclear deal and bring Iran to heal. And he'll do all this while avoiding the foreign entanglements and ruinous foreign wars of Clintonism."

"There are definitely solid critiques of Clinton's interventionism. But this isn't one of them. What Trump is proposing isn't Realism. It's wild interventionism with the promise that everything will go great and nothing will go wrong. Everybody promises that."

"This isn't even a complete list. I'm only focusing on the things Trump is promising in the Middle East. I'm not even getting into things like threats against NATO members of Europe or encouraging arms build ups among allies in East Asia - things which there are very good arguments could lead to wars. I'm not even getting into those. I'm talking about the wars and interventions he's actually promising. It's also not getting into the fact that he's calling for a massive military build up after an era of soaring defense spending."

"Rand Paul and his father had a Realist, non-interventionist foreign policy which they advocated fairly consistently. That isn't remotely what Trump is proposing. He's proposing getting all the toys and kicking all the ass that the hardest core warmongers want. He's just taking 'democracy' off the list of reasons for doing it and promising everything will go great. That's not policy. That's bullshit. Aggressive foreign policy, for aspirational motives or dark ones involves foreign entanglements, involves things going wrong. Why this isn't obvious to more people I do not know."

Meanwhile, this is the Trump team's attempt at clarification of 'I love war.'

"I love war, putting nuclear weapons on the table. The Clinton camp says that's irresponsible," ABC's George Stephanopoulos remarked to Kellyanne Conway at the start of their interview on "Good Morning America."

Conway responded that what is actually "irresponsible" is "taking little, cherry-picking little snippets of what he said and not giving the full context of the sentence let alone the speech."

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You know if I use the n word I could then point out that I said a lot of other things than the n word and you are cherrypicking so why focus on it?

That argument wouldn't get very far, though, and neither does it here.

"This woman was secretary of state for four years. And I think the reason she's struggling in the polls part is because aren't really fond of that record and she will be held account for that record," Conway said, ripping into Clinton over her recent polling troubles. "She's actually been in control of many aspects of our national security and our troops and our defense and I think that given all of her advantages, including her super PAC including her campaign hang spent over $200 million most in paid advertising one wonders why is she not at 50, 60 percent in the polls. Why isn’t she at 60, 65 percent among women? Hillary Clinton has a Hillary Clinton problem."

Asked what Trump means when he said, "I love war," Conway demurred.

"I'd have to see the entire snippet there but obviously many commanders in chief have made the very difficult decision to go to war," Conway responded. "You have Hillary Clinton as secretary of state calling a Russia reset that didn't work, she was wrong on Libya, she was wrong on Syria, she was certainly wrong on Benghazi and I think they'll both be held to account for that."

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As usual, Conway and friends prefer to answer questions that weren't asked rather than those which were.

P.S. Regarding Trump's speech in Pennsylvania today he's talking about going back to the Bush years in terms of deploying the army after Obama drew down in Iraq. 

So while Trump claims to have opposed Iraq war and being against intervention, his policy proposals say otherwise. 

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