Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Trump's Mexico Trip is Already Proving a Roiling Disaster

Hillary rightly called it an international incident yesterday.

While the media gave Trump kudos for reading from a script and not calling the President of Mexico a wetback to his face-later in the day, however, Trump did complain that Ike's Operation Wetback didn't go far enough-it was a disaster.

Think about it: when was the last time you saw an American President meet with a foreign head of state and the two of them blatantly contradict each other? Basically, what we know from that meeting is: someone's lying.

When we know someone's lying and one of the two people is Donald Trump, it's a reasonable hypothesis that it's Trump as he lies 3 times more often than normal normal politicians.

And Trump's campaign has not contradicted what President Pieto said in stating that he told Trump to his face: Mexico is not paying for the wall.

As for Pieto, it's hard to figure out what he was thinking in holding this meeting. What did he have to gain in a public meeting someone 15 times less popular than himself-and his own popularity is 24%?

He's been very criticized by the Mexican people for holding it. And now the first person from his Administration has already been fired for this fiasco.

"Mexican finance minister resigns week after Trump visit."

"One week after Donald Trump flew south for a meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, the country's Finance Minister Luis Videgaray has resigned, a ministry spokeswoman told The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday."

Videgaray was a "leading advocate for the Trump visit," The Washington Post reported last Friday, citing "Mexicans familiar with the deliberations, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to be candid."

"Ministry spokeswoman Claudia Algorri did not give a reason for Videgaray's departure, which came a week after Trump's visit, which the Journal noted was the finance minister's idea, referring to local media reports. The resignation also came before Videgaray was set to present the Mexico's 2017 budget, after pledging to send the country to a surplus for the first time since 2008."

"According to the Journal, Videgaray will be replaced by the country's Social Development Minister Jose Antonio Meade."

Read more:

We don't need a reason. It's very clear what happened here.

So Trump visiting an important neighbor of ours has already led to the finance minister being forced to resign. Let's hope this is a lesson for other people of public reputation, whether the President of Mexico, or a leading African-American pastor like Wayne Jackson.

Do not elevate this man with a public meeting unless you don't mind being personally diminished at the same time.

Again, I have to urge you to take the example of Irish Prime Minister back in June who said he'd meet with Trump but only to cal him out as a racist to his face.

It's like what they say about North Korea regarding a meeting with Trump: don't meet him without preconditions as otherwise the very act of meeting with him elevates him and diminishes you.

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