Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Release Your Taxes

This is what a protester screamed at a Trump rally today.

"Protester yells "Release your taxes." 

Trump to security: "Alright you can get 'em."

The Trump campaign's answer is that no one cares about his tax returns. The voters are fine with him skating.

Clearly that protestor didn't think so and the polls show that voter is not in the minority.

"65% of Virginians think Donald Trump needs to release tax returns, only 25% don't think it's necessary for him to."

Overall, things are looking good for Hil in Virginia:

"Our new Virginia poll- Hillary Clinton 45, Donald Trump 39, Gary Johnson 6, Jill Stein 2, Evan McMullin 1."

Hillary has an even larger head to head lead:

"In a head to head race in Virginia Clinton's advantage grows to 8 points over Trump at 50/42."

Nice to see McMullin in the race. Never Trump GOPers are a force in Virginia.

"VA somewhere that #NeverTrump GOPers really are a problem for Trump. Clinton at 93% of Dem vote, Trump 81% of GOP:"

"Big party unity gap- 90% of Dems in Virginia view Clinton favorably, only 73% of Republicans view Trump favorably."


"More on #NeverTrump effect in Virginia- 9% of Republicans voting 3rd party there, only 1% of Democrats are."

So VA looks ripe for McMullin.

"The undecideds in VA are not a boon to Trump. He has to hope they don't vote for Hillary but they wont vote for him."

"Undecideds in VA would prefer Obama over Trump by 29 points. May go Clinton, may go 3rd party, may stay home. Not likely to go Trump."

You have to say if nothing else, VA voters are sharp:
"26% think Trump supported the war in Iraq, 19% think he opposed it, 42% think he both supported and opposed it."

So 42% have the right answer and the one answer completely wrong is only held by 19%.

Putin beats Hillary in a landslide among Trump supporters.

"By a 59/8 spread, Trump voters in Virginia say they have a higher opinion of Vladimir Putin than Hillary Clinton."

I'm sure that's just as big a coincidence as how all these KKKers love Trump though he allegedly has repudiated them.

In other news, Mark Halperin never gives up:

"Can't the haters supporting Trump & the haters supporting Clinton find common cause based on their pure love of hate? #wearetheworld"

Love this response from Glenn Thrush:

"Funny thing: I've yet to get an anti-semitic or die-fag tweet/email from someone not supporting Trump... But hey."

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