Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Beltway's Sorry 'Sounds Bad to Me' Standard

Kurt Eichenwald was on AM Joy with Joy Reid this morning. He talked about how his boss is now saying everything Eichenwald was saying about Emailgate a year ago-that it was totally blown out of proportion-is now being acknowledged in the media.

You had the Washington Posts' editorial that admitted it's a 'minor email scandal' and openly worried that we could be about to elect a madman over this minor email scandal.

But Eichenwald who knows about how the email system really works, was saying this a year ago. But the media wasn't interested in facts. It cared about its optics.

Like Chris Cillizza who with every new allegedly earth shattering 'revelation' pronounced: 'It just looks bad.'

In other words, he doesn't know anything about IT security and from this position of total ignorance it's all pretty damning.

I've been talking about the media's shameful coverage. One real beacon is AM Joy.

Eichenwald appreciates her too:

"Kudos to @JoyAnnReid 4 not letting Trump guy lie on @amjoyshow. Dont know if he stormed out or was kicked out, but thats how 2 handle liars."

Sort of puts Matt Lauer and Chris Wallace to shame.

Joy does not tolerate lies, pivots or filibusters. Either come with provable facts or be embarrassed

That guy got so bad he actually tried to change the subject to Hillary not having a presser! Uh, she's had four this week and all the hyperbole over her pointing out the deplorable racists supporting Trump was because her fundraiser was public.

Eichenwald couldn't help but laugh:

"Couldnt stop laughing on @amjoyshow w/ @JoyAnnReid. Trump guy tried 2 link Clinton foundatn, emails, etc like a needle jumpng round a record."

Then he pivoted to pressers. The media really needs to do better.

There are some quality reporters like Joy Reid and Eichenwald:

"If Trump won't release 1st two pages of his 1040 and Schedule A, then his audit excuse is a lie. I shouldn't be only reporter asking 4 them."

James Fallows who's been on the shameful job the media has done for over 20 years:

"On “deplorables” 1. After “they’re sending rapists” etc pearl-clutching on this is fairly precious 2. If HRC said “some” vs “half,” no story"

It's the some vs half quibble. Trump has apologized for nothing. But the media wants her to apologize for this.

Great job. So the debate now is just how many of Trump's supporters are actually deplorable? Is it just a third rather than half?

But 61% believe Obama was born in Kenya. On the other hand, 20% believe abolition was a mistake.

"GOP may find it doesn't want the topic to be "what's the real % of Trump voters who are deplorable?"

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