Friday, September 16, 2016

Look at Issues not Personalities

So Bernie Sanders always says and so he said again on Morning Joe.

"Sanders told co-host Joe Scarborough that he "honestly [doesn't] know the answer" as to why Clinton has struggled where he succeeded in connecting with millennials."

"This is what I know. In politics too much we look at personality. We like you, we don't like you. I think we've got to back away from that and say, we're not looking at Trump or Clinton. We're looking at the needs of the American people," Sanders said, going on to contrast Clinton's proposals with those of Trump. "So I would just simply say to the millennials, to anybody else: look at the issues. Don't get hung up on Trump's kids and whatever, the story of the birther issue. Stay focused on the issue of relevance to your life. I think Clinton is far and away the superior candidate."

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But hasn't it been demonstrated that for some Dead Ender types, it's really not about issues? While I can understand that purely on the issues, some preferred Bernie in the primaries, how does anyone who voted for him now explain not preferring Hillary to Trump?

As for third party, voting for one of them or not voting helps Trump. Now many of them seem not to like to admit such 'process' arguments. But how a Bernie supporter say issues are all that counts and then they vote for Gary Johnson who is terrible on the sorts of economic issues Bernie ran on?

GJs 'Aleppe' moment was not the first time we saw his ignorance on full display either. He also doesn't know who Harriet Tubman.

The point is that despite what Bernie believes about issues vs. personalities, a lot of the Dead Ender types are driving by: personality. They just really don't like Hillary and won't give her a fair chance.

So it's all personality for them.

In the recent Economist poll, some interesting difference between Bernie and Hillary supporters:

"Country heading direction/wrong track Sanders Ds: 26/62 Clinton Ds: 63/24."

As usual, we Clinton supporters are more in touch with reality.

"Also striking here—how incomes have improved since 2012 election across all five categories."

When Trump runs against the Obama economy he is selling fiction as the 99% had it's best year last year.

Americans are also feeling better about the economy.

However, as always the gains are not being felt equally across regions even if they are showing up among all income groups.

Families in Trump states likely to earn a lot less than families in Clinton states."

The fact is though we are finally seeing some wage growth. Now is not the time to take us back to the George W. Bush years but on steroids as Trump's wild economic policies would.

At the end of the last popular Democratic President we finally started to see poverty alleviate. Now we're again seeing it start under Obama.

Is America going to make the same mistake again in 2016 but on steroids?

At least W wasn't the American Caesar who's election could well be the end of the Republic. Though it was bad enough.

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