Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"My charity helps people, his is used to pay off your attorney general"

So said Bill Clinton today in Florida as the Pam Bondi scandal gets worse.

Maybe this is what they mean by 'Bubba unloosed.'

"The controversy around Trump's foundation seems to have given Bill Clinton more freedom to slam the GOP nominee."

Of course it does. The Trump Foundation scandal, where Trump illegally funneled money through to pay a bribe in exchange for Bondi dropping a Trump U case in Florida, simply cuts off Trump's attack on the Clinton Foundation at the knees.

You can argue that the CF deserves scrutiny which it certainly has got. But what is this next to what happened at the TF? Trump is simply wrong guy to make this case.

He was bragging on buying off politicians until the Pam Bondi Trump Foundation scandal bubbled up.

The Trump scandal now is only intensifying.

"While Trump and Bondi say there’s no fire underneath the smoke, the Manhattan businessman’s political wheelings and dealings are now drawing more scrutiny, especially because Trump’s campaign has been driving hard at the idea that Hillary Clinton engaged in pay for play through her Clinton Foundation and her tenure at the State Department."

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday morning brushed aside questioning from George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” remarking that Trump “has supported many, many Republican candidates” while suggesting that the two stories are not comparable in scale or consequence.

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First of all that he's supported many GOP candidates is a non sequiter as a response. We know this. Like he fundraised for Pam Bondi after she dropped the case.

That's what the problem is: him supporting Republicans in exchange for dropping the Trump U case-as he also did in Texas with Jim Abbot. 

Then again, remember the Hillary Standard the media has set: it doesn't matter if you did anything wrong or not if the 'optics are bad.' Well, show me worse optics than paying off the AG handling your fraud case.

If the two stories aren't comparable it's that no wrong doing has been found with the Clinton Foundation, as the Miami Herald notes:

"This newspaper, among many others, has chided her for failing to sever the connection with the foundation so as to eliminate the appearance of a conflict of interest. But despite all the innuendo and suggestions of wrongdoing — despite all the outrage generated by the right-wing attack machine — no actual conflict or legal violation has turned up, even with armies of investigators working feverishly to discover wrongdoing that apparently isn’t there."

"What attracted far less attention than the numerous stories about the Clinton/Foundation connection was news disclosed by the Washington Post that Donald Trump paid a penalty to the IRS involving a $25,000 gift by the Trump Foundation."

Ms. Conway likes the non sequiter about Trump making Republican donations.

“But we do know Mrs. Clinton, Secretary Clinton used the State Department as a concierge for many foreign donors,” Conway said. “And I think there’s actually no comparison between man who gives consistently to Republican candidates in their re-election, George, and a woman who as secretary of state has had her official staff that we pay for bartering for position and bartering for state dinners and, you know, just making contributions that are inappropriate. The State Department is a very busy place. We should get human rights for those women and girls not disrespected and not worry about foreign governments coming in to influence.”

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Apparently because these donations were to Republican donations that makes paying bribes alright.

As for this talk about 'A concierge for foreign donors' this is pure invention. Not one shed of proof to justify that.

As the Miami Herald rightly notes this should be getting at least as much coverage as the CF. In truth more as there is actual wrongdoing in Trump's case.

"The Trump campaign is also facing a new crop of editorials, with the Miami Herald saying it’s “puzzling” why Trump’s controversy is not getting “equal billing” to that associated with the Clinton Foundation."

“Unlike the faux scandal over the Clinton institution, there were actual victims here — people who paid good money to Trump University and feel they were duped. Why is Pam Bondi not investigating that?” the Miami Herald editorial board wrote in an item titled, “Donald Trump’s gift to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi deserves a closer look.”

"The New York Times also dug in, writing on its opinion page, “If Ms. Bondi promised to back off the Trump University suit in exchange for campaign money during that 2013 phone conversation, it could be a crime. As for Mr. Trump, the $2,500 I.R.S. fine is a tiny penalty, unless voters impose consequences of their own.”

"The Orlando Sentinel’s Scott Maxwell, citing records obtained from a public-records request, wrote in an column Tuesday that the “wrong person is receiving the brunt of the scrutiny here.”

“Imagine you were robbed and the prosecutor gave the suspect a pass after taking $25,000 from him,” Maxwell wrote. “There would be universal outrage — and rightfully so. This is not the behavior of an ethical prosecutor.”

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The wrong person is indeed receiving the scrutiny here. Amen.

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