Friday, September 16, 2016

Racism Sells but Who's Buying?

I'm paraphrasing Megadeth here.

But it seems clear that racism sells at least for a significant slice of the white electorate. I mean, as Glenn Thrush has stressed lately, if it were up to white America, Trump would win in a landslide. 

Dems having a hard time accepting: a clear majority of white Americans are aware of Trump's racist/xenophobic comments and back him anyway."

Actually, though, the Economist/YouGov poll shows something perhaps a little more optimistic:

"Well. In @YouGovUS data – Whites who say Trump is "racist": HRC 66% DT 8% Whites, NOT "racist": HRC 3% DT 85%"

So this is something I've wondered too. But white people who believe he's a racist are not voting for him. So it is disqualifying in their mind, although:

"Obviously a bit circular – many of these are people inclined to dislike/oppose Trump for other reasons anyway. But relationship is there."

This is why despite the media claiming her comment about 'deplorables' was a 47% moment, it's a debate her and the Democrats want to have. '

Again, the-mostly white-media thinks it was a mistake:

"How Clinton’s allies are embracing her mistake."

‘The country is actually debating how many of Donald Trump’s supporters are anti-Semitic, racist, sexist,’ one ally says.

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Exactly. In other words it was less a mistake than a trap. If the discussion is how many racist supporters Trump really has-is 50% too high or too low-it's a bad discussion for him as clearly college educated whites do find racism disqualifying.

Bill Scher has a good piece that looks at how Hillary is doing something that no Dem has done before-even President Obama when he was campaigning-not giving any respect to white grievance politics.

"Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” moment blew up on the campaign trail last weekend like the major gaffe everyone had been waiting for. Donald Trump had new ammunition for the home stretch — a moment echoing Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comment that made clear just how much he disdained a wide swath of America. The attack line was clear: Clinton had just needlessly maligned, even thrown overboard, millions of white working-class voters."

"Yet Clinton only half walked it back—and the Clinton campaign overall appears happy to keep talking about Trump’s most loathsome supporters. This might all be a mistake on her part, a blunder followed by a refusal to back down. More likely, in such a thoroughly data-driven operation, it's a strategy — a calculated gamble that represents a new turn in American politics. By squarely siding with civil rights activists who demand that racism be forcefully confronted, she’s making clear that she views her path to victory doesn’t run through the white working-class vote. Rather, she’s making a bet that the makeup of 21st century America allows her to do something no Democratic nominee, not even Barack Obama, has done before: win the White House without winking at white grievance.
This marks a big shift for the Democrats. You can see how big by traveling back to 1992, contrasting Hillary Clinton’s “Basket of Deplorables” moment with Bill Clinton’s famous “Sister Souljah” moment. With race relations in America a tinderbox, Bill Clinton stood up at Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition conference and tackled the issue of race relations. And what he delivered — in front of a crowd of America’s most influential black leaders — was a blunt appeal to white people."

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Very interesting point. While during the primary Hilary critics kept trying to tie her to her husband's crime bill-as well as the Sister Souljah moment-this is not how she's running at all.

And this is not so much because of a huge difference between her and Bill-she agreed with his approach then-but that demographics have changed.

If we had the 1984 electorate, it would be President Trump in 7 weeks.

P.S. Many argue she was being way too charitable.

And you have to say that if it's only 50% the other 50% are at least cool supporting a racist for other reasons.

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