Monday, September 12, 2016

Enough With the Damn Emails. Time to Move the Conversation Forward

The timing of the media going totally health truther is very interesting. The email story was just starting to wrap up. The Washington Post editorial page had admitted that despite what it and so many other media outlets said in the past, the email story was a minor story. 

Dan Rather himself-a guy with a lot of moral authority among journalists also said 'enough with the damn emails' the same day. 

"To my colleagues in the press, enough with the darn Clinton emails. It's time to move the conversation forward. …

That was a very dark day for Chris Cillizza. His own Washington Post had called the email scandal 'minor.'

So the email story was sort of 'moved on from' on Friday, but on Sunday: the media mainstreamed health trutherism.

Right away Cillizza was back in business. He declared health trutherism a legitimate issue now.

It's amazing how he even uses the same turns of phrase as he did in his email pieces. It's as if he just does a cut and paste job on a form letter.

The media always has to have something on her. With emails now officially embarrassing, they move on to birth trutherism.

This is the same press corp who once bought into Whitewater and Vince Foster. They will buy into anything if it's a bad story about the Clintons.

James Pindell observes:

"In a normal campaign these comments from @realDonaldTrump on @CNBC about fed "not even close to being independent" would be a big deal"

It would be. Why isn't it? Because Trump is running against Hillary Clinton who the media has wanted to destroy since the early 90s. It has an Ahabic obsession with destroying her. 

Clinton scandal mongers have a very poor record. The Beltway journalists mocked the Clintons as Arkansan rubes in 1993, not people like us, in Mark Leibovich's town.

The media pursued every conspiracy theory Judicial Watch and Citizen's United could make up to the ends of the earth. 

In 1998, major newspaper after major newspaper demanding that Bill Clinton resign over the Monica Lewinsky affair. 

Yet at the end of the day Bill had historically high approval ratings, the economy was roaring and most GOPers who had pursued Clinton so doggedly were themselves destroyed or diminished. 

But the media also had egg on its face. It had demanded Bill step down. It had fulminated against 'People not like us' for years, mocked them, scorned them. 

And the Clintons left Washington no worse than they would have been otherwise. Hillary went on to be a popular two time Senator. This really mocked the media's belief in its power to make and break Presidents. 

They have nursed a grudge every since. They feel that somehow, someway, the Clinton's got away with something, sort of Zizek's objet petite a or something; petite a is from Lacanian psychoanalysis for those curious.

Basically, bringing down the Clintons and validating all the absurd scandal mongering going back to Whitewater and Vince Foster is what powers the Beltway journalist complex. 

UPDATE: Will you look at that? I was talking about snobby Beltway insiders who are so angry to have failed to bring down the Clintons and we have Cokie Roberts floating conspiracy theories that Hillary is out over routine pneumonia and Biden is back in.

You know who else is saying that Biden or Bernie may be coming back? Yep, Vladimar Putin's state media. 

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