Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Belway Media Coverage is Simply Shameful

Or should I say, shameless? This was James Fallows point back in 1994. He saw the devolving of the media 22 years ago!

In that book that got a lot of notice and feedback, he argued that despite the media wrapping themselves in the 1st Amendment; as if everything they do is sanctified by invoking the 1st-the media was failing in it's job so badly it was actually making it harder not easier for Americans to fulfill their role as citizens. 

In other words, Americans could do a better job if there were no media at all making decisions. 

I call the media shameful, although more to the point they are shameless; wholly without shame. While they claim the Clintons have a 'bunker mentality' the media's own preference is to pass the buck. It's the fault of regular people, or it's all on the politicians, or it's all on both, but it's never on them. 

But the absurd attempt to blow up Hillary's comments about Trump supporters itnto some scandal she needs to apologize for, makes this point again: the media does more harm than good. It's coverage is simply shameful. 

The official position of CNN at least is that there are no racists in America.

In 1932 the media would probably have demanded an apology for someone calling Hitler's supporters anti Semites.

One takeaway from all this: the media is hopeless talking about race. It's majority white, elite, Beltway pundits see racism a question of 'Both sides have an opinion.' They did the same thing after Hillary's Alt Right speech. 

'Both sides are calling each other racists. Wow has public discourse deteriorated.'

Yet, the media never looks inward. Never questions why they are considerably more unpopular than Hillary Clinton who they love to mock as unpopular all day. 

They're not racists, they just support a racist. Trump's not a racist, the KKKers, neo Nazis, and white nationalists just love his trade protectionism.
Even so, I think John Karl may be right:

GOP may find it doesn't want the topic to be "what's the real % of Trump voters who are deplorable?"

Donald Trump is deplorable and his alt Right supporters are deplorable. If there are non racists who support him they ought to ask themselves why they do. And the media's coverage of race as it is with so much else is utterly deplorable. 

In other news: William Johnson is upset about Hillary's remarks. And who is William Johnson?

"White nationalist and former Trump delegate William Johnson is upset about Clinton's remarks."

Hm. Erich Boehlert points out 'so are the pundits.'

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