Monday, September 19, 2016

Chris Christie's Bridge Too Far

This will be another interesting comparison of the media standard for Hilary vs. Trump. We know that Trump has the lowest bar in electoral history in the media where she can't neglect to cross a single t or dot a single i or the media starts howling as if it's Watergate.

Remember a few weeks ago when the media tried to hype Anthony Weiners latest sexting fiasco as somehow reflecting badly on Hillary's campaign? After all, Weiner has no connection to the campaign but her husband does and Hillary is responsible for who someone who works for her marries.

Just as Huma herself of course per the misogynistic press, is responsible for her husband's behavior even if she's a victim of it herself. This was the same thought process when some pundits like Ruth Marcus declared Bill's 90s infidelities 'fair game' regarding Hillary's campaign 20 years ago. She has to pay for being the victim of infidelity. It's fair game.

Now we hear that, yeah, just as many of us always suspected, Chris Christie did know about Bridgegate all along. The idea that he was totally ignorant was never very plausible and by Hillary standards would never work: after all, if you don't know this level of corruption is going on among high ranking staffers in your own office that's almost as bad.

"Wow. Chris Christie knew about Bridgegate plan as it was happening, prosecutors say. "

"Gov. Chris Christie was told of the George Washington Bridge lane closures as they were occurring in 2013, a federal prosecutor told jurors on Monday in U.S. District Court."

"David Wildstein, who has already pleaded guilty to playing a role in the incident, and Bill Baroni, who is now on trial for his alleged role in the scheme, “bragged” about the traffic gridlock that lane closures were causing when they spoke with the Republican governor at a Sept. 11 memorial in Lower Manhattan, Assistant U.S. Attorney Vikas Khanna said."

"The two Christie-appointed former Port Authority officials mentioned the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, Mark Sokolich, whom they are accused to trying to punish after he refused to endorse Christie’s reelection campaign, the prosecutor said."

“The evidence will show that Baroni and Wildstein were so committed to their plan that, during the precious moments they had alone with the governor, they bragged about the fact that there were traffic problems in Fort Lee and that Mayor Sokolich was not getting his calls returned,” Khanna told jurors during his opening remarks on Monday morning.

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Remember Christie is a very high ranking surrogate in Trump World. While Weiner had nothing to do with Hillary's campaign, Christie was one of just three finalists for Trump's VP.

He is expected to get a plum cabinet post in any Trump Administration.

Yet Trump hires only the best people. Christie is a corrupt, power mad hack, sort of like Trump.

Meanwhile, Christie was so mendacious in lying about Trump's birtherism that it truly disgusted no less than Glenn Kessler.

Christie wanted to be Trump's AG. Uh...

Glenn Kessler:

"The confirmation hearings for Trump's Attorney General might be interesting."

Meanwhile, another high ranking Trump surrogate Alex Castellanos' attempt to claim Hillary is the real birther is beyond shameful. He himself, again went Birther by again repeating the slur that Obama is a 'globalist' and that there is something 'other' about him.

So the GOP is now institutionalizing birtherism.

But then, you know who is less popular than even Donald Trump? The Republican party itself.

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