Sunday, September 11, 2016

In 2012 Hillary Was Accused of Faking Being Sick

When she missed that first Benghazi witch trial, I mean hearing, Republicans insisted she was just faking.

"It's just funny because in 2012 it was "Clinton is faking being sick" and now it's "Clinton is secretly very sick."

So then she was secretly well, now she's secretly well. Brendan Nyhan:

"What happens when conspiracy theories are driven by motivated reasoning - shifting claims driven by anti-HRC animus."

Exactly, this is about politics. Chris Cillizza is on the train now. Of course, the email thing was starting to dry up so this is his new rabbit hole.

Guy Benson:

"If you're mad about rumors & 'conspiracies,' maybe don't bar press from traveling w/ presidential candidate who basically just collapsed?"

In other words, this is about payback. Even though she has been very open and accessible the last week.

Nate Silver:

"All in favor of more reporting about prez candidates' health. Should be actual reporting though & not "raises doubts"/"casts shadows" stuff."

As Judd Legum says, this is all about legitimizing GOP health conspiracies.

"I agree. It's completely appropriate to COVER what happened to Hillary today."

But that's not what is going on. The coverage is being sensationalized far beyond known facts

"The reason why is that Trump and his allies have been pushing conspiracies about Clinton's health for months."

"Many in media are very defensive about coverage of Hillary incident today."

"Response is: This is a totally legitimate issue! She left this event and stumbled and it's on video."

What is going on is that the email thing has started to die down. Even the Washington Post admits it's over. So now they are getting in with Trump's conspiracy theories.

And the Beltway journalists are in 'questions are being raised' mode.

Unlike W in 2003, she did not faint.

"There’s no evidence that Clinton actually fainted, as some news outlets are alleging. A video posted to Twitter, however, does show Clinton being helped into her van. Even so, there’s no credible medical evidence that this is a serious medical issue — President George W. Bush, after all, once fainted after choking on a pretzel, while his father fainted at state dinner in Japan. At the time, Bush’s doctor said “The President is human; he gets sick.”

Did Chris Cillizza and Mark Halperin start fomenting health conspiracy theories after W's fainting? Of course not. Trump himself almost fainted a few weeks ago and there was no feeding frenzy though he hasn't even released real medical records.

Dan Diamond:

"It makes no sense to theorize that Hillary has secret illness making her faint — but it took 13 months to kick in."

It makes no logical, medical sense. But that is not what this is about. It's about Beltway media politics and the determination to take her down by hook or by crook.

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