Thursday, September 15, 2016

USA Today's Peter Singer Sees Newsweek Piece on Trump Organization as Stand Alone Story

I got into a discussion with him on Twitter. In response to my media criticism, his response was 'I can't speak about the media just what I do.'

That is very common when talking with Beltway journalists. It's their way of passing the buck, of refusing to take any responsibility.

I pointed out that what I had seen with hims appearance on Carol Costello's s 9 Am show was not very good.

I mean if you buy this extreme idea that all journalists are individuals then how do you ever discuss media aggregates? It's like Murray Rothbard on the economy.

So I asked him just about Peter Singer. I asked if he had seen Kurt Eichenwald's major Newsweek piece on the Trump Organization yesterday? Paul Waldman called his fellow journalists to have a massive journalistic mobilization effort to follow up on it.

"If you haven’t already read Kurt Eichenwald’s investigative piece about the ways Trump’s business partnerships in places like India, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates often put his financial interests in direct conflict with American foreign policy and national security interests, you should. It should be the beginning of an enormous journalistic mobilization, because at the moment we know only a small portion of the facts. But the most critical fact about this story is that Trump’s interests are ongoing. As president, his own bank account would be affected profoundly by the decisions he makes as president."

Paul Singer's bland answer was it was great but there are no plants to build on it, or do his own investigation into the many conflicts of interests and incestuous ties in the Trump Org.

Newsweek piece covered a good point re: conflicts; don't yet know what the follow-up will be."

That's astounding. It's the Clinton Rules all over again. If this were Hillary, there would be 100 new investigative journalists out investigating it today. There would be 100s of stories within days. Cable news would talk of nothing else.

And, yes, cable news shutout the story this morning largely.

"Listened to @MorningJoe on my @Newsweek article. @MarkHalperin described a story unrelated to what I wrote, then dismissed his straw man."

Wow. We have just over 50 days until America votes. The media is breathless with stories about how Trump has a real shot to win. A dangerous crypto fascist who the media has failed to vet has a 35% chance to be our next President.

But Paul Singer sees no story here.

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