Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hillary has had 4 Pressers in Last 2 Weeks; Trump has had None

The media got rolled again.

"Trump punks the media."

"The Republican nominee scores free airtime to promote his new hotel and veterans' endorsements after promising an announcement on his birther obsession."

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The media is pissed now as he had dangled the promise of a presser in front of them and then yanked it away. Finally they are angry.

Katy Tur was angry on Mitchell Live at 12 PM yesterday. She pointed out that even if you want to be a tough grader, HRC has now done 4 pressers in past two weeks while Trump has totally left the press in the dust.

The question is though: does the media learn from this? They are angry but do they make sure this doesn't happen again?

As David Corn said last night on Lawrence O'Donnell, there is some reason to hope. You had the Washington Post report point out in their headline that Trump's claim that Hillary started birtherism was another lie.

While the NY Times initially failed to point it out, they quickly adjusted after WaPo showed them the way.

Yesterday Brian Beutler urged the press to learn, that it's not too late to redeem itself.

Former NY Times public editor, Margaret Sullivan-with Liz Spayd in there, everyone misses Sullivan-urges reporters not to play the stooge for Trump again.

"Dan Gillmor, a media scholar at Arizona State University, on Twitter called this episode “universal sewer dwelling” for cable news. By phone afterward, he said that “no journalist with a shred of integrity would have covered it.”

"Saying the press got played, he said, is an understatement."

“This is a campaign and a candidate that completely understands how the press works — or doesn’t work — and exploits the blatant weaknesses of political journalism.”

“CNN and others were pulled into the whole three-ring circus — I’ve never seen anything as crass and disingenuous,” said Frank Sesno, a former CNN Washington bureau chief who is now the director of the George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs."

"Sesno called it “breathtaking” — and that was no compliment. Even after acknowledging that, as he put it, “President Obama was born in the United States. Period,” Trump got in his shots at his rival, falsely alleging that Hillary Clinton had started the birther controversy. Fact checkers,including The Washington Post’s, have repeatedly disproved this claim."

"Sesno told me that he sees a possible bright spot within the mess: Not only King, but CNN’s Jake Tapper and Gloria Borger denounced the way Trump had played the media. And they flatly denounced Trump’s notion that Clinton started the birther rumors."

It is some reason for optimism, but:

“I’d like to think this could be a turning point,” Sesno said. “Of course, we’ve been here before, and that hasn’t happened.”

"Meanwhile, as if to illustrate in caricature the differences in the candidates’ styles — and relative success with the media — the Democratic nominee was doing something unexciting, substantial and workmanlike: addressing the Black Women’s Agenda Symposium, talking about the economic challenges faced by women of color."

"It got, of course, only a fraction of the media’s attention."

Of course, according to Chris Cillizza, issues don't matter, only style points do.

Dan Gilmor has a large piece on how the media needs to stop tolerating what he calls 'political bullshit'.

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